Jul 14th 2013, vs Hiroshima

July 14th, 2013

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Tokyo Swallows 3

Streak: Lost 1    Last 5: LLWWL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

The Carp posted a trio of three-run innings. The Swallows didn’t.

W: Maeda (7-5; 2.53 ERA)
L: Ishikawa (2-7; 3.56)

Kenta Maeda, Hiroshima’s starter, made few mistakes. Ishikawa made several (including a throwing error that wound up leading to three unearned runs).

Kikuchi (2B)1Yamada (2B)
Maru (RF)2Ueda (CF)
Soyogi (SS)3Milledge (LF)
Hirose (LF)4Balentien (RF)
Akamatsu (CF)5Hatakeyama (1B)
Mukae (1B)6Kawabata (3B)
Dohbayashi (3B)7Aikawa (C)
Ishihara (C)8Kawashima (SS)
Maeda (P)9Ishikawa (P)

All three of Tokyo’s runs were scored care of the long ball.

Milledge had a two-run shot in the second. It was his 10th round-tripper of the season.

Milledge's 10th HR of the season added a dash of hope in the third.

Milledge’s 10th HR of the season added a dash of hope in the third.

And Balentien chipped in with a solo homer in the bottom of the ninth. It was his world-leading 32nd home run of the 2013 campaign.

But that was about all the home fans, who were out in force to see Furuta speak despite the oppressive pregame precipitation, had to cheer about.

Maeda wasn’t messing around.

He scattered three (mostly strategic) walks among 11 K’s while holding the birds to two runs (three hits) over his eight innings on the mound.

Ishikawa, on the other hand, lasted only three innings yet surrendered five runs (two earned) from five hits.

Kiya, Shichijo, and Abe all pitched an inning of multi-run relief.

I can’t even begin to explain how happy we were to be in attendance at this poop-fest.

The birds have a three game series in Yokohama starting tomorrow (national holiday) before an extended break thanks to the All-Star break which commences on Friday in Sapporo.

Yeah, that happened.

Yeah, that happened.

Game Notes:

This game sucked.

31,014 fans were at this game. And it was another one of those green uniform giveaway days, so it wasn’t pretty.

The game officially lasted 3:28, but that doesn’t account for the late start thanks to the afternoon deluge. If you got there by 4:30 like we did, then you are forgiven for impure thoughts such as, “Screw this. I’m never coming near this ancient basket of yakyu mediocrity again if there’s even a one percent chance of rain.”

Thankfully they were handing out plastic fans shaped like Yakult’s “Tough Man” character’s helmet at the ticket gate. There’s nothing like cooling off by waving a pair of testicles at your face on a steamy July evening in Tokyo.

Hiroshima scored 13 runs on just 18 hits.

Believe it or not, Tokyo leads the season series against the lovable Carp 7-3.

Milledge and Balentien both reached base twice (BB, HR).

Aikawa (BB) and Kawashima (1B) were the only other starters to reach base.

Matsuoka threw 25 pitches over two scoreless innings. He faced seven batters.

Kiya, Shichijo, and Abe faced seven batters each as well, but all three of them managed to do that in only an inning of work each. And they combined for eight earned runs. Testicles, testicles, testicles.

Emura pitched an eventful top of the ninth (1B, 2B, BB), but unbelievably, no runs scored.

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