Jun 5th 2013, vs Tohoku

June 5th, 2013

Tohoko Golden Eagles 5
(29-23-0, .558 – 2nd in PL)

Tokyo Swallows 9
(22-32-1, .407)

Streak: Won 1  Last 5: LLWLW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

W: Emura (2-0-0); L: Aoyama (0-3-9)

Last year, the Swallows lost both games at Jingu against the Eagles, but won both away. This year, Tokyo had already lost both games up in Sendai and sought to reverse last year’s pattern – a tall order in a season when the team has so few Ws to dole out.

 Tohoku Tokyo
1Matsui (SS)1Yamada (2B)
2Fujita (2B)2Hiyane (CF)
3Hijirisawa (CF)3Milledge (LF)
4Jones (1B)4Balentien (RF)
5McGehee (3B)5Hatakeyama (1B)
6Nakajima (LF)6Aikawa (C)
7Shima (C)7Araki (3B)
8Teppei (RF)8Kawashima (SS)
9Tomura (P)9Muranaka (P)
RPAoyama, Heuser, Tsuchiya, MiyagawaRPEmura, Oshimoto, Barnette, Yamamoto

Lawrence Abbott, I guess this one was for you.

Tohoku started off big, their first five batters notching four runs. Matsui singled, Fujita sac-bunted him over to second because that’s what you do when you play for a manager whose tactics are older than baseball itself (although in this regard, Hoshino is the norm), Hijirisawa singled, then Jones drove Matsui home. This was followed by McGehee hitting a three-run homer to center. 4-0 Tohoku.

Tokyo struck back with one run in the bottom of the first. Yamada singled and got nabbed on a hit-and-run by Hiyane, who scored from second on a Milledge single. 4-1 Tohoku.

Coco, showing some sock tonight, ended the top of the fifth with a nice hip-sliding catch of Nakajima’s shallow pop-up to right. Of course, Tomura then retired the Swallows’ side on a mere seven pitches – less time than it took me to write this sentence.

Emura took the mound for Tokyo in the sixth and started off by giving up a hit to Shima when the ball bounced out of his glove.

The Swallows finally came back in the bottom of the sixth. Milledge started off with a double to second, then made it to third when Fujita missed Teppei’s throw at second. Balentien then singled to Teppei, driving Milledge home.

That was it for Tomura. Aoyama relieved him.

Hatakeyama then hit a high-bouncing single to short, which got Balentien nabbed at second. Hatake himself scored when Aoyama tried to start the at-bat by jamming Aikawa with the shuuto. Instead, Aikawa jammed the ball into the left-field bleachers for two runs.

Tokyo pulled ahead when Kawashima doubled, which got Aoyama yanked for Bowser Heuser, and a pinch-hitting Nitta singled him home. Yamada then singled, which ended Heuser’s outing. This brought Tsuchiya to the mound.

Tsuchiya started off by giving up a single to Hiyane. Milledge then decided something awesome was happening in the dugout that everyone should see, so he kindly brought them all home with a grand slam. Balentien and Hatake kept things going with hits, but the run ended with Aikawa. Not bad for an inning – eight runs, making it 9-4 Tokyo.

As soon as the CL highlights are up on YouTube, that’ll be a good a video.

Barnette took the mound for Tokyo in the eighth, striking out Jones and Shima, but walking McGehee.

Shimauchi, in left for Tohoku, hit a solo home run off Yamamoto in the ninth, but it did nothing. 9-5 Tokyo, Final.

More Eagle-slaying tomorrow evening.

  • Andy

    Ha ha ha!!! Isn’t Bowser the evil dragon/turtle thing from Super Mario?! I think you mean Heuser, don’t you? ‘Ended Bowser’s outing’ casts the image of a disappointed dragon/turtle lumbering off the mound!

    • Yes. You caught me quickly flipping through the play-by-play on the ABs I didn’t see on TV and, worse, not paying attention to the PL outside of Interleague.

      Funnily enough, the names of foreign players I don’t know (or think I don’t know) are usually the only ones I look up because there’s just no guessing the spelling from the katakana. I didn’t pay attention and figured there was a pitcher I hadn’t heard of. I don’t know why I thought I saw a dakuten.

      Thanks for the catch.