Jun 1st 2013, @ Saitama

June 1st, 2013

Tokyo Swallows 2Lions

Saitama Seibu Lions 3

Streak: Lost 2   Last 5: LLWLL

Seibu Dome Streak: LLLLLLLLLL

(Seibu Dome)

W: Sarfate (4-0; 0.44 ERA)
L: Barnette (0-3; 11.25 ERA)

The Swallows have now lost 10 straight games at the Seibu Dome. I was present for every painful minute of all of them. Feel my pain. So given the history, suspecting how this thing might go, rather than waste more of my life than is absolutely necessary, I decided to take notes on my tablet as the game progressed. These are those notes.

 Swallows Lions
1Yamada (2B)1S.Lionsdude
2Miwa (CF)2S.Lionsdude
3Iwamura (3B)3S.Lionsdude
4Balentien (RF)4S.Lionsdude
5Hatakeyama (1B)5Spilborghs (DH)
6Morioka (SS)6S.Lionsdude
7Milledge (LF)7S.Lionsdude
8Yuichi (DH)8Ginjiro (C)
9Nakamura (C)9S.Lionsdude

Seibu Dome Hell

1st: Kishi sits down the first three in order (no real surprise there). Ogawa does the same, a lot more assured than Ishikawa the night before.

2nd: Three up, three down again for Kishi. Ogawa allows his first single, with the runner eventually reaching 3rd, but he escapes the inning with the scores still tied at zero.

3rd: It should surprise no one that no Swallow reached base in the top of this inning. Impotent is not the word. In the bottom of the inning the inevitable decent to hell begins with a solo homer from Ginjiro to make it 1-0 Saitama. Beer. Where’s my beer?

4th: Tokyo put two on (Yamada single Miwa pop fly that landed fair in right) but an Iwamura strike out and then a double play grounder to third from Coco ends the inning. Nothing. Ever. Changes. At. The. Seibu. Dome.

Ogawa stems the beer flow by sitting down his three Lions in order. He is, by some distance, our best current starter.

5th: Fly outs from Hatake and Morioka, and strikeout for the slumping Milledge give Kishi another easy inning.

Spilborghs hits a triple off the fence in right, as it seems I’ve cursed Ogawa. The Lions fans start jumping up and down like muppets, seemingly in an attempt to encourage their next batter, named Somefucking Lionsdude. Seems the jumping partially worked as Somefucking Lionsdude occupies first on a walk. Spilborghs then scores on a shallow sacfly to centre. Why is Miwa anywhere the fuck near the top team again? Ah yes. Panic measures. 2-0. The Lionzfanz are jumping up and down again. So special. Another Lions runner is now magically at third. Ogawa gets out of the inning with the deficit still at two.

6th: Yuichi is one of the three batters who are seated in order. Why is he here? PANIC MEASURES. Might as well put me in. At least I’d attempt to hit Kishi in the head with my bat as I struck out swinging.

Ogawa sits another three in order to postpone my coronary.

Barnette’s doing some warming up in the pen. Seems he got a bit of abuse on twitter last night following the sayonara loss, I believe one person asked him to “return to America you big bad white man” (I may have fabricated the last five words of that), but my response to those people would be a hearty STFU. If Tony did go home, then we’d likely have Miwa closing games. And nobody wants that.

7th: Balentien hits Tokyo’s third hit of the game with two outs. Hatake can only strike out looking, so EXCITEMENT DENIED!

Ogawa continues to work his butt off as he sits down another three is quick fashion. TIME FOR THE BATS TO WAKE UP.

8th: EXCITEMENT ALERT! Singles from Morioka, Milledge, then a bunt from pinch hitting Keizo put two men in scoring positions. Miyamoto then comes in, grounds out but Morioka scores for 2-1. My enjoyment of this moment was marred by the oendan playing one of the GODAWFUL new chance themes and some Swallows fans subsequently mistaking themselves for Lions fans and jumping up and down like COMPLETE NUMPTIES. Yamada then strikes out looking to end the fun. Tokyo are currently outhitting Saitama 5-3.

A Morioka error lets one man on, but Ogawa once again digs in to do his job and puts up another goose egg.

9th: With Kishi one strike away from a complete game victory Balentien blasts one to left. JIZZPANTS ALL AROUND for a 2-2 tied game.

However, this is how it went the night prior, tying run scoring in the top of the 9th. And with Yamamoto on the mound, confidence is not high that the Swallows can avoid that same painful sayonara fate. And he lets two men on, but escapes as the Swallows entered the uncharted territory (at Seibu Dome) of extra innings.

10th: Sarfate sits down the Swallows in order. In comes Tony Barnette to try to give Tokyo another shot at winning. Alas a couple of walks and a hit to the outfield wall meant it is consecutive sayonara losses for Tony and a 3-2 Saitama Final.

CHIN UP T-BARN. Tomorrow is another day.

Game Notage

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