May 26th 2013, vs Fukuoka

May 26th, 2013

Fukuoka Hawks 4

Tokyo Swallows 0

Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: LLDWL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

 This game sucked pretty hard, so we spent several innings perfecting our Twerk.


W: Padilla (2-1; 3.50 ERA)
L: Yagi (1-4; 2.53)

I don’t know if my lower back will ever forgive me.


Yoshimura (RF)1Milledge (LF)
Lee (2B)2Morioka (SS)
Uchikawa (LF)3Iwamura (3B)
Lahair (1B)4Balentien (RF)
Matsuda (3B)5Yuichi (1B)
Hasegawa (CF)6Iihara (CF)
Yamazaki (C)7Yamada (2B)
Imamiya (SS)8Nakamura (C)
Padilla (P)9Yagi (P)

But some baseball was also played, so I guess I should also talk about that a little.

Yagi took the mound for the Swallows and ended up getting hit a little harder than we’re used to this season. He allowed a textbook small-ball run in the top of the first, and another two innings later when the same part of the order came up again. The third and final earned run of his evening came in the fourth with two outs when Imamiya drove a solo shot over the wall in left.

Aikawa is back.

Aikawa is back.

0-3 Fukuoka.

Swallows offense? Yup. As has so often been the case early this season, you can count your team’s hits on one hand.

And here they are:

  1. Iihara collected his second hit of the season in the second inning with two outs and nobody on.
  2. Iwamura doubled with one out in the bottom of the seventh.
  3. Aikawa had a pinch-hit single with two outs in the Swallows half of the eighth (WELCOME BACK, AIKAWA!!!).
  4. Morioka nearly took Kaneko’s head off at first (defensive replacement for Lahair) with a violent bouncer into right in the ninth.

The only Tokyo bat that reached base more than once was Iwamura (2B, BB).

Yagi was pulled one out shy of six full innings, and he gave up three earned runs off of eight hits (one homer). He struck out two and walked two.

Oshimoto (5.28 ERA) threw one pitch to finish out the sixth inning (F5).

Emura (3.68) saw six batters but didn’t give up a run in a 21-pitch seventh, and Matsuoka (5.79) pitched a scoreless eighth.

Barnette (7.71) rejoined the team after several weeks of rehab and got one inning of relief under his belt. He struck out two but one run scored in the process.

Barnette is also back.

Barnette is also back.

0-4 Final.

Tokyo’s next game is Tuesday when a two-game set begins against the visiting Orix Buffaloes at Jingu Stadium.

Game Notes:

This game wasn’t nearly as popular with the fans as yesterday’s contest. Only 19,077 had tickets.

Hatakeyama was again on the bench for the start of this one. However, he did spend enough time in the game to squander run-scoring opportunities in both the seventh and ninth innings with infield grounders. His line is currently .203/.257/.339.

Yagi leads the rotation in ERA (2.53), but he’s also tied with Ishikawa for the team lead in losses (4). The poor guy gets almost no run support.

Much like the home Fukuoka series from 2012, Tokyo won the first game and lost the second. It was a bit closer this time around, but still thoroughly unsatisfying.

Fukuoka starter, Padilla, was very sharp early on.


Hatakeyama is…here.

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