May 22nd 2013, @ Hokkaido

May 22nd, 2013

Tokyo Swallows 1Nippon Ham

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 6

Streak: Lost 3  Last 5: WWLLL

(Sapporo Dome)

After a lackluster first start, Takeaki Tokuyama found himself pitching a no-hitter in his next start. Unfortunately Tokuyama’s counterpart was pitching an even better game. Ultimately, the Swallows’ bullpen wasn’t able to keep the momentum generated by their starter, and the Swallows lost their third in a row.

W: Yoshikawa (4-4) L: Oshimoto (1-3)
 Swallows Fighters
1Hiroyasu Tanaka (2B)1Dai-Kang Yoh (CF)
2Tsuyoshi Ueda (CF)2Haruki Nishikawa (2B)
3Lastings Milledge (LF)3Michel Abreu (1B)
4Wladimir Balentien (RF)4Sho Nakata (LF)
5Kazuhiro Hatakeyama (1B)5Atsunori Inaba (RF)
6Shinya Miyamoto (3B)6Eiichi Koyano (3B)
7Genki Nitta (DH)7Micah Hoffpauir (1B)
8Yuhei Nakamura (C)8Kenji Obiki (SS)
9Keizo Kawashima (SS)9Shinya Tsuruoka (C)
SPTakeaki TokuyamaSPMitsuo Yoshikawa

Tokuyama found himself pitching a no-hitter through 4 innings in his second career start. It was an ugly no-hitter with many walks, but beggars can’t be choosers. Tokuyama allowed 5 walks in his 4 innings of work。Unfortunately, the rookie was forced to leave the game early as he popped a blister in his right hand. Oshimoto kept the no-hitter going, by pitching a perfect fifth inning.

Meanwhile, the Swallows bats were not getting anything done against Fighters’ starter Yoshikawa. Yoshikawa pitched a perfect game through 6 innings against the Swallows, with only one ball leaving the infield in those innings.

The game’s first hit came off of Nishikawa’s bat in the bottom of the sixth inning against Oshimoto. Oshimoto proceeded to walk Abreu and Nakata to load the bases, before he was yanked for Roman. Inaba took Roman’s 1-0 pitch and gave it a ride into the right field stands. 4-0 Fighters Roman struggled to end the inning, but managed to finish the inning without any more damage.

Ueda managed to break Yoshikawa’s perfect game in the seventh, but the Swallows’ weren’t able to do much else. Matsuoka came in to pitch the bottom of the inning and conceded 2 extra runs. 6-0 Fighters

Yoshikawa pitched 8 innings of 2 hit ball and handed the ball to Kagiya for the ninth inning. The Swallows managed to get a run off of Kagiya on a Milledge sac fly. 6-1 Fighters But the game ended on a Balentien strikeout soon after. 6-1 Fighters FINAL

Tokuyama pitched 4 innings of no-hit ball until he pulled a Yoshinori.

Tokuyama pitched 4 innings of no-hit ball until he pulled a Yoshinori.

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