May 15th 2013, vs Saitama

May 15th, 2013

LionsSaitama Seibu Lions 9

Tokyo Swallows 3

Streak: Lost 6     Last 5: LLLLL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

W: Makita (4-2); L: Tokuyama (0-1)

Brace ourselves, indeed, Mr. Watkins. Here’s hoping there’s a net at the end of this slide.

 Saitama Tokyo
1Asamura (SS)1Morioka (SS)
2Akiyama (CF)2Miwa (2B)
3Kuriyama (LF)3Milledge (LF)
4Ortiz (1B)4Balentien (RF)
5German (3B)5Iwamura (3B)
6Iida (RF)6Takeuchi (1B)
7Kaneko (2B)7Nitta (C)
8Sumitani (C)8Ueda (CF)
9Makita (P)9Tokuyama (P)
RPSarfate, OishiRPShichijo, Oshimoto, Ishiyama, Matsuoka, Yamamoto

The Swallows continued to mix things up in attempt to end the hemorrhaging – Takeuchi started at first, Coach put Ueda in to be centerfield, Miwa played second (pretty rare to see him doing much other than pinch-run), and Nitta caught the very recently called up Tokuyama, who took his first top-level beating.

Poor young Takeaki Tokuyama. He took the mound to face his first batter, Hideto Asamura, and saw his third ichi-gun pitch, a slider over the middle, knocked into the left field bleachers. 1-0 Saitama.

051513 tokuyama


In the third, Akiyama doubled. Tokuyama then managed two outs before hitting German, then giving up a two-run double to Iida. A Kaneko ground-out got Tokuyama out of the inning, but ended his debut. 3-0 Saitama.

 Shichijo took the mound in the fourth. Two outs into the side, Asamura singled and was then brought in by an Akiyama single to center. 4-0 Saitama.

Tokyo finally got on the board in the fifth, when Iwamura singled and was brought home by a Takeuchi double out to the centerfield fence. 4-1 Saitama.

The bottom of the seventh was the window of hope for Tokyo. After Balentien struck out, Iwamura was walked. The aptly named Genki Nitta (not the same kanji, but it sounds good) then went after the first pitch he saw, a low slider over the middle, and hit it for his first career home run, which just barely cleared the left field fence. 4-3 Saitama.

 It then got painful. The Lions scored another run in the eighth and four more in the ninth, making a meal of Yamamoto. At least Tokuyama wasn’t alone in misery and shame on his first big night out. 9-3 Saitama, Final.

Tomorrow’s a day off. Chiba comes to Jingu on Friday and Saturday.