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2012 Fan Appreciation Day Preview

Tomorrow is Labour Thanksgiving Day in Japan, and with many people getting the day off the Swallows will be holding their annual Fan Appreciation Day at Jingu. The annual event gives the team a chance to shill its sponsors, look back on the previous season, and give players a chance to be a bit goofy. […]

Tokyo Get “New” Threads

Well we knew they were coming, but the Swallows have unveiled their “new” uniforms that will be used in battle from the 2013 season onwards. The uniforms are a return to the colour scheme used during the organisation’s most successful period, the 1990s, with the red pinstripes returning for the home uniforms, along with the […]

Tokyo Infielders Score Golden Gloves

The annual Golden Glove vote have been tabulated, (here are last year’s results) and three-quarters of Tokyo’s infield brought home top prize for their respective positions in the Central League. Leading the charge with the largest margin of victory was Tokyo third baseman, Shinya Miyamoto. His fourth Golden Glove at third base helped him to break […]

2012 Swallows’ Draft Recap

Last month, on the 25th, suits from all the major teams gathered in a hotel ballroom to draw/pick the negotiation rights to the next generation of NPB players. The Swallows came into the night vowing to pick RHP Shintaro Fujinami from Osaka Toin High School. We here at Tsubamegun are so focused on pro ball […]