9/12/12 – Hanshin (Away)

September 12th, 2012

Tokyo Swallows 2

Hanshin Tigers 1

Streak:   Last 5: LLDWW


W: Tateyama (10-8); L: Kubo (4-6); S: Barnette (1-2-25)

The Tigers suck. Yes, that’s unnecessary and not a great summary of the game, but it feels so good to write it and have it be as true as just about any other statement in baseball. Tigers suck like a Shop-Vac, like the kind of pneumatic companions Kozo found this one time in Nishinomiya. Nevermind that, though. This is a family site.

 Tokyo Hanshin
1Hiyane (CF)1Uemoto (2B)
2Tanaka (2B)2Yamato (CF)
3Balentien (RF)3Toritani (SS)
4Milledge (LF)4Arai R. (3B)
5Kawabata (1B)5Murton (LF)
6Miyamoto (3B)6Arai T. (1B)
7Morioka (SS)7Hirano (RF)
8Kawamoto (C)8Fujii (C)
9Tateyama (P)9Kubo (P)
RPBarnetteRPEnokida, Watanabe

Interesting line-up for the Birds this evening, with Kawabata playing first. This observer wouldn’t have thought he had the avoirdupois for it, but he managed nonetheless.

The black-and-yellow dimwit-baiters scored first, in the bottom of the first, when Yamato got a base hit and Toritani drove him in with a double. 1-0 Hanshin.

Things stayed that way until the top of the seventh when Miyamoto led off the inning with a single and was replaced on the basepaths by Miwa, who was moved to second by a Morioka sac-bunt. Kawamoto then drove him home. 1-1.

In the next inning, Hiyane led off with a hit. Tanaka, of course, bunted him over, and Balentien hit to put men on the corners. A walk of Milledge loaded the bases. Kawabata then played the hero with the RBI. 2-1 Tokyo, Final.

Tateyama gave up one run and five hits on 118 pitches over eight innings for the win. Barnette walked one on the way to his 25th save of the season.

Same again tomorrow: Akagawa vs. Standridge.

  • Rob

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the runs the other day. How we
    only got two runs out of 12 hits and three walks… well, nevermind.

    Sorry about my little fielding slip up. Grounder
    to my left, so I cover first, I know, I know. I take the toss from the
    infielder and… and something… oh, right. Touch the bag. My bad. Won’t happen

    It’s probably douche to flame Ogawa-kantoku
    after they just announced he’ll be back next year, but if you’re going to pull
    me for a pinch hitter, how about letting him hit? You yanked me so Noguchi
    could bunt?

    Props to Hiyane for stretching out in a
    dive late in the game. Nice catch.

    Next time,