Hara is a Shady Character

In the least shocking shocking news story in a while, it turns out Tatsunori Hara is not a clean cut or ethical as the Giants would have everyone believe. The Asahi Shimbun (following up on a Shukan Bunshun story) reports that, in short, in 2006, Hara paid gangsters 100 million yen to shred the diary of a woman he’d had an affair with in 1988, while a player on the Giants.

The Giants filed a complaint with the police in 2009, when the leader of the gang involved demanded the diary back from them. They are also now suing Shukan Bunshun for libel on the basis of their claim that they never paid “anti-social elements”.

The Asahi‘s story is here.

More to come, no doubt. All class, that Yomiuri organization.