6/20/12 – Chiba (Home)

June 20th, 2012


Chiba Lotte Marines 6 

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 0

Last 5: WWLWL  Streak: Lost 1

(Jingu Stadium)

The last gasp of an ugly Interleague interlude was, appropriately, twice-delayed. After a typhoon cleared the heavens, Tokyo had no choice but to face their nearby neighbors from that concrete pipe to the East.

W: Watanabe (3-2); L: Tateyama (4-5)

 Chiba Tokyo
1Okada (CF)1Milledge (CF)
2Nemoto (SS)2Morioka (2B)
3Imae (3B)3Kawabata (SS)
4Saburo (LF)4Hatakeyama (1B)
5Kakunaka (RF)5Balentien (RF)
6Ohmatsu (1B)6Miyamoto (3B)
7Satozaki (C)7Matsui (LF)
8Suzuki (2B)8Aikawa (C)
9Watanabe (P)9Tateyama (P)

The scoring started early and mundanely. With two outs, Tateyama walked Imae, gave up a single to Saburo, then gave up an RBI double to Kakunaka. 1-0 Chiba.

One out into the top of the fifth, Nemoto hit an outside fastball that just made it over the fence left of center, but made it over nonetheless. 2-0 Chiba.


The game got uglier. In the sixth, Kakunaka and Ohmatsu hit safely, then two outs later, Watanabe hit a two-RBI double an RBI while Milledge decided to make a throw after Ohmatsu had stopped at third, botched it, and another run scored. 4-0 Chiba.

Hirai took the mound for Tokyo in the seventh and started off by giving up a deep double to Nemoto. Two outs later (the second one a K), he was pulled in favor of Hidaka, who gave up an RBI single to Kakunaka. 5-0 Chiba.

In the ninth, just to add a final stamp of unpleasantness, Shoda gave up a double to Okada, who was grounded over to third, then scored on an Imae sac fly. 6-0 Chiba, Final.

Good riddance, Interleague. Now, it’s back to the CL, where the Giants are now on top, but the B-class remains perennially B-class, which leaves hope the Swallows’ collective breast.

  • Dang, 2RBI double to Shunsuke!?!?
    I think there was another time the Swallows gave an RBI to a P-League pitcher during this interleague. Pathetic.

    • Actually, that was my mistake. It was just one RBI, coupled with a throwing error that allowed in the second run. Mea culpa. (The post has been duly corrected.)

  • OK, but still… giving up a RBI hit to a P-League pitcher is pretty sad. Looks like it was Shunsuke’s first RBI ever, too. What’s up with Tateyama?

  • Highwaythe3rd

    No mention of Coco’s meandering towards the mound and dugouts clearing when he got hit by a pitch in the bottom of the 9th?

    • Rob

       Yeah, that was the most fired-up the team got all night.