5/26/12 – Saitama (Away)

May 26th, 2012

Tokyo Swallows 0

Saitama Seibu Lions 8

Streak: Lost 7   Last 7: LLLLLLL

(Seibu Dome)

WP: Nishiguchi (2-1 / 3.00)LP: Ishikawa (3-5 / 3.30)

Take a look at the above box score. Now be thankful you didn’t have to sit through it (and if you did, I feel your pain).

Worried? Yes, we are too

 Swallows Lions
1Tanaka (2B)1Kataoka (2B)
2Fukuchi (LF)1Kuriyama (LF)
3Milledge (CF)3Nakajima (SS)
4Balentien (RF)4Nakamura (1B)
5Hatakeyama (1B)5Hirao (DH)
6Fujimoto (DH)6Hellman (CF)
7Aikawa (C)7Akiyama (CF)
8Morioka (3B)8Sumitani (C)
9Yamada (SS)9Kumashiro (RF)

Ishikawa: Lasted six innings giving up three runs on six hits with five Ks and a walk.

His run support: Fuck all. The Swallows managed three solitary hits over the whole game: a 4th inning double from Balentien, and singles from Aikawa and Milledge in the 8th and 9th innings respectively.

When Fujimoto is the best you’ve got as a DH: You’re in trouble.

The bullpen: Hidaka and Oshimoto combined to give up five runs in the 7th. Hidaka was pulled with two outs on the board and men on first and second, before Oshimoto came in to give up: a two run double to Nakajima, a two run homer to Nakamura and another run off two more hits for good measure. The rather unfortunate Hidaka was tagged with two of the runs, while the frankly terrible Oshimoto was tagged for the other three.

Aggregate scores over the two games in the Seibu Dome: 18-0.

Last time Tokyo won in Saitama: 2008.

Most entertaining thing about the whole game: Watching a huge butterfly repeatedly flying up to the lights at the top of the Dome, then back down again. A good inning or so was eaten up watching it.

Seibu fans are: Very “special”.

Hope: Is in short supply.

What’s happening next: Rakuten come to visit Jingu. They must be licking their lips. Tateyama will take the mound for Tokyo tomorrow. But even if he puts in a perfect shift, Tokyo’s bats are going to need several tonnes of viagra if he has any chance of a win. Tokyo’s record is now at .500 (20W 20L 3D), half a game ahead of Hanshin, three games back of Yomiuri and five behind the first placed Dragons.

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  • Augusttime

    We might have been in this one had Balentien run out that foul before we or tagged for five runs that inning. Is Mendoza on the horizon?

    • No. We were never in this one, that one play wouldn’t have made a jot of difference.

  • ‘M’

    That butterfly was phenomenal. Worth the trip out to Dasaitama.
    Seen 5 of the last 7 defeats in person. Looking forward to 6 from 8 tomorrow but looking more forward to being proven wrong.