Quickies: April 3, 2012

Tokyo News

  • Today’s home opener versus the Hanshin Tigers was obliterated by very unfriendly weather, so the clocks of the Tokyo faithful have been reset to 6PM Wednesday evening. We’ll see you there.
  • Miyamoto took a pitch in the upper calf (just below the back of the knee) during Sunday’s game, and he’s apparently still feeling some discomfort. Ogawa was thinking about giving him the day off today, but the weather ended up rendering that decision unnecessary. If he feels alright tomorrow, then Miyamoto will likely start at third.
  • Hatakeyama took a batted ball in the eye today. Wonderful. He’s talking like he’s OK, but his doctor says he has a broken eye socket. Stay tuned for additional updates on his condition. In the meantime, someone please tell Takeuchi to put his game face on.
  • Orlando Roman was scheduled to start today’s game against Hanshin. His start will be skipped, and the Swallows will instead send Tateyama to the mound tomorrow.

Around the Central League

  • Chunichi vs Yokohama got stormed out as well.
  • In the absence of another Central League game to watch, I tuned in to the Hiroshima-Yomiuri contest. I must admit that it was quite enjoyable. Hiroshima’s starter, Kan Ohtake, and his amazing infield defense kept the Yomiuri bats at bay, and Houlton pitched well but wasn’t able to get through the sixth inning (his curve looks alright though). Sarfate looked just as nasty as ever in the ninth, and the Yomiuri were humbled by an 0-4 scoreline.

Around the Pacific League

  • Saitama-Chiba got rained out due to all the holes under the cover at Seibu Dome. Excuse me for asking, but what’s the point of putting a dome on your stadium if it can’t keep out nasty weather? Meatheads.
  • Fukuoka got shut out up in Tohoku, 0-4. This was a low-hitting affair all around, but Fernandez did hit his first homer of his second stint with the Eagles.
  • Orix outhit Hokkaido at Sapporo Dome. In fact, three players recorded three hits each in helping the Buffaloes outlast the Fighters, 5-4.
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