Trivia: double-digit steals and doubles

Aoki accomplished the feat every year from 2005-2010. In 2006 he had 26 doubles and 41 steals. In fact, Aoki collected more than 20 steals and 20 doubles three times in his career.

The first two installments of Tsubamegun’s trivia column were a bit on the nasty side, so we have one here for you that’s a bit more pedestrian.

There are five players currently on the roster that have stolen at least 10 bases and collected at least 10 doubles in the same season.

Can you name all five of them in less than two minutes?

Click here to take the quiz.

Keep in mind that minor league numbers do not count in this quiz.

As always, click on the link above, take the quiz, and post your score in the comments below. If you get a perfect score, as we are sure that some of you will, post your time as well.

Please avoid making any revealing comments about specific quiz answers until Monday morning, Tokyo time. After that, feel free to talk about the specific numbers involved.


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  • Brett

    Absolutely smoked it! Got all five right with 1:23 to spare on the clock. Only had to think twice about one of them.