Tokyo Swallows Off-Season Updates: February 10, 2012

Everybody's favorite second baseman.

Top team players have the day off today, and the following is a small selection of some of the news coming out of Urasoe (Okinawa) since our last roundup on February 1st:

  • Atsushi Fujimoto suffered a calf strain during practice on the 6th and will be taking it easy for the next few weeks.
  • Hitoshi Yamamoto got demoted to the farm team camp following the discovery of some swelling in his elbow. Off-season acquisition, Tatsuo Kinoshita, was promoted to first team camp to fill the void.
  • The team’s new fancy-shmancy pitching machine which is worth a reported 2.5 million yen broke before anyone had a chance to use it.
  • Lastings Milledge, Tokyo’s new MLB import, looks a bit like Japanese veteran comedian Tetsuro Degawa according to the media.

And below is some footage of infield fielding practice from a couple days ago:


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