NPB Top Prospects

Yamada (SS) is a top NPB prospect and should get a few regular season starts in 2012.

For information purposes, and of course discussion, I have translated the first half of a list ranking the top 40 prospects in NPB as per this rather new site. Note that Tokyo has two prospects in the top 20.

1. Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh (Yokohama – INF)
2. Takahiro Fujioka (Chiba – LHP)*
3. Yuki Kuniyoshi (Yokohama – RHP)
4. Yuki Yanagita (Fukuoka – OF)
5. Masaru Nakamura (Hokkaido – RHP)
6. Junki Ito (Chunichi – RHP)
7. Kenshi Sugiya (Hokkaido – INF)
8. Yusuke Nomura (Hiroshima – RHP)*
9. Shunta Goto (Orix – OF)
10. Hayata Ito (Hanshin – OF)*
11. Hikaru Ito (Orix – C)
12. Shota Takeda (Fukuoka – RHP)*
13. Yudai Ono (Chunichi – LHP)
14. Tetsuto Yamada (Tokyo – INF)
15. Shuhei Takahashi (Chunichi – INF)*
16. Yuhei Nakamura (Tokyo – C)
17. Yoshinao Kamata (Tohoku – RHP)*
18. Ryosuke Miyaguni (Yomiuri – RHP)
19. Kenta Imamiya (Fukuoka – INF)
20. Masahiro Imei (Hokkaido – LHP)

* = rookie

I’m not exactly sure what definition of prospect is being used here. It seems like this list is comprised of young players (under 25 years old) who haven’t spent too much time playing on the top team or had a real chance to prove what they can do. Tsutsugoh, however, already has more than 150 at-bats logged for the Baystars, so I’m curious about what the cutoff is.

(hat tip to Patrick Newman at NPB Tracker for cluing me in on the NPB Prospects website)

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