Norichika Aoki Updates: January 31, 2012

Aoki signed for next to nothing.

While reading all the off-season and spring training news that can be found about NPB and MLB, I came across some tidbits on former Tokyo center fielder, Norichika Aoki.

  • A tracking poll conducted last week over at Brew Crew Ball found that 94% of respondents were in favor of the contract that Aoki signed with Milwaukee. In fact, only three of the 253 voters ticked the ‘nay’ box.
  • The guys who do the View From Bernie’s Chalet podcast are very happy with the Norichika Aoki signing, and feel that the Brewers have managed to reel in a good baseball player who, even if he does have a rough time adjusting to MLB, can potentially provide some good bench insurance for the club.
  • Here’s a bit more information about how his salary breaks down over the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The contract contains a club option for 2014. Aoki can nearly double his salary based on how many games he plays in and starts according to the ESPN link above.

I feel like someone needs to write a ‘Life After Aoki’ piece. Anyone up for it?

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