Tokyo confirms $2.5 million Aoki bid

Which team won the Aoki posting sweepstakes?

Norichika Aoki (29), Tokyo’s decorated center fielder, will now have 30 days to negotiate with the team that recently bid the highest through the posting system.

The winning bid, which was immediately accepted by Tokyo, was $2.5 million.

The name of the winning team, which has exclusive negotiating rights, has not been divulged.

The bidding window ended at 7AM this morning (Tokyo time), and after reports earlier today that team wasn’t sure when or if it would be able to talk about the size of the winning bid, the Yomiuri newspaper website reported the amount.

Update 4:13 PM (Saturday December 17th, 2011)

Gen over at Yakyu Baka posted this quote from Aoki:

“All I could do was wait, so I feel relieved now.  I feel as if I am now one step closer to realizing my dream.  I will allow my agent to handle the rest while I focus on my practices to make sure I am fully prepared.”

Update 8:14 PM (Monday December 19th, 2011)

The Swallows have made it publicly known that the Milwaukee Brewers won the bidding contest for Aoki. They said that they were quick in releasing the name of the team to the general public because they were worried that there would be a leak in the US media.

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  • Brewers it is. Interesting that it’s the same bidding price as Nakajima.

  • No

    I know the Brewers have Hart and Braun at the corner outfield positions. Who did they have at CF? Gomez? Is there room for Aoki to be starting?

    • Yeah, I don’t know what they’re planning. Milwaukee already has three good outfielders (Braun was league MVP). Morgan was in the mix as well. Maybe Hart can be moved to first?

      At this point, Braun might miss the first 50 games of the 2012 season, so Aoki may have a chance to start in left for the first third of the season, but when you line them up side by side, you have to excuse people in MLB for asserting that Aoki would be Milwaukee’s number four outfielder.

      But I suppose that’s a good headache for Milwaukee to have. Especially when possible future suspensions, injuries and trades are taken into consideration.

      I don’t know how much they can pay him though. Maybe he can get three years for $11-12 million?

  • A 50 game audition sounds good for the time being I guess.

    BTW, our man Aaron was interviewed as the Darvish expert by a Toronto rag–and-taller–pedro-martinez

  • A little piece on Aoki and the Brewers