Norichika Aoki updates — December 23rd, 2011

Just a few nuggets of info on Aoki for all of his fans, old and new, on both sides of the Pacific:

  • For folks in Milwaukee, and any other people around the world who want to know how to pronounce his name in laymen’s IPA, it’s ‘Noh-Ree-Chee-Kah Ah-Oh-Kee‘. And none of the syllables in his name are stressed more than any of the others.
  • According to a blurb in Nikkan Sports, it hasn’t yet been decided when Aoki will head to the states for a tryout in January.
  • It sounds like the Brewers are planning to bring him to Maryvale Baseball Park, the team’s spring training headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. Should be a good chance for Aoki to show that his arm isn’t as weak as many in the states fear it might be, and that he can hit to all fields with relative ease.
  • This Brewers fan podcast, not unlike our own, features a few diehard Milwaukee fans who spend a bit of time going over the Aoki posting situation. Their podcast is definitely worth a listen, as it’s well-produced and filled with reasoned opinion, but it’s a bit on the lengthy side if you’re not already a Brewers fan. Skip ahead to the 42 minute mark for a discussion on whether or not paying $2.5 million to negotiate with Aoki is a smart move for the team. Oh, and the name pronunciation guide in the bullet above is partly for their benefit.


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