Entering Enemy Territory – A Nagoya Diary, Part 3

The latest installment from Tsubamegun friend, ‘M’. These are his observations from game three of the series against Chunichi.

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Pre-game. Pre-game time was spent in Yoro, at the “Site of Reversible Destiny”. This
place is insane. Designed by Arakawa-Ginz,  it’s a disorienting topsy-tuvry
assault on the senses as you try to nagivate areas such as the ‘zone of
clearest confusion’ or the ‘cleaving hall’. Rather like the play-offs.

On the way back to Nagoya I stopped off in Gifu to ask the Giant Buddha to

We may need some help here.

sort us out tonight.

Today I am changing it up and taking the JR to Ozone and walking from
there, so as to avoid the corridor of death that is the so-called ‘Dragons

Another must win game tonight, but as the T-shirt says, ‘Everyone believes
the player’.

First four innings. Tonight’s sky is very dusky and dirty and I think this is going to be a
metaphor for tonight’s game. I don’t think it will be beautiful. Scrappy –
one we will clinch rather than conclusively triumph.

What a start. Nice to take the lead here and the fans have real belief.
What a catch! Gordon Banks! Ueda keeping us in the game.

It’s a risk but I am thinking switch Muranaka for Whitesell here.

Bottom of the fourth here and Muranaka losing it. No real singing support
from the red shirts which is causing consternation among the fans around
me. We getting a bit of Gambare Muranaka going but it is not catching on. I
wish I was sat next to the same bloke as yesterday – the world’s most
intense Ishikawa fan. Tonight is not the night to be hiding behind
convention as Muranaka loads the bases with one out…

No support for Tony as he takes the mound in this pressure situation.
Disappointing.  Nerves evident. Hands in the praying position here…

Lead protection. I’ve not actually written anything until Lim has come on because I have
channeled my tension into drinking excessive quantities of Sapporo beer.

It’s well known amongst the gang that I am not the biggest fan of Lim…
having witnessed far too many mess-ups from him over the last few years,
especially against the Giants. So, let’s keep it clean and say I am
worried. However, personal views aside, I have brought along my Korean
‘Gambare’ sign given out on 6th June 2010 during Korean Day as part of my
constant attempts to become a better person.

Result. 2-2. That’s all that matters.

After party. Incredibly there is another Pringles can with Doala ears on it (see
yesterday’s write-up) lying there as my crew walk past. This is the kind of
deja-vu I like!


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