2012 Tokyo Swallows Coaching Staff

Things have gone well for Tokyo with Ogawa at the helm.

Tokyo’s Japanese language website announced next year’s coaching staff yesterday.

The top team is the same cast of characters as last year.

Top Team


Junji OgawaManager
Daisuke ArakiChief Coach / Pitching Coach
Tomohito ItoPitching Coach
Takao IseGeneral Coach
Shinichi SatoBatting Coach / Strategy Coach
Noriyuki ShiroishiInfield Coach / Base-running Coach
Tetsuya IidaOutfield Coach / Base-running Coach
Chikashi NakanishiBattery Coach

The farm team has seen a few changes though.

Farm Team


Mitsuru ManakaManager
Akimitsu ItoPitching Coach
Hiroto KatoPitching Coach
Takahiro IkeyamaBatting Coach
Kenji AwaguchiBatting Coach
Katsuyuki DobashiInfield Coach / Base-running Coach
Hirobumi WataraiOutfield Coach / Base-running Coach
Kenji FurukuboBattery Coach
Masanori MatsuiIkusei Coach
Hirotoshi IshiiIkusei Coach (Strength-Training)

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