Asahi Pays Tribute

The All-Star Team. (From left) Sugimoto, Pellegrini, Nakagawa

We thought this well-timed feature would interest the Tsubamegun. The Asahi Shimbun‘s Rob Smaal chatted with our own Christopher Pellegrini and snapped a photo of him with our dear friends, Messrs. Sugimoto and Nakagawa (without whom, we wouldn’t be on course to be buried in our regular seats).

Enjoy! See you at the game.

  • Awesome! See you on Sunday!

  • Mac

    This was a great day. One of our largest attendances. High-profile guests. Lots of pre-game fun. Shame about the result though.

  • No

    I didn’t know you were a Vermont native. My wife grew up in Burlington and her family still lives there.