Guiel Announces Retirement

As first pointed out to us by one of our three favorite Canadians, Simon Currie, one of our other three favorite Canadians, Aaron Guiel, has announced that he will retire at the end of season. Guiel, long a fan-favorite, played in only eleven games this season. His numbers belie the positive impact he’s had on morale over the years. Perhaps Guiel’s biggest impact was that he came to Japan in the right way: he took things in stride, did what he could to get the job done, and endeared himself to the fans.

We love you, Colin!

Colin, you’re a champ. You’ll be missed. And we’ll organize a retirement party for you if you ask us.

  • My daughter and I once saw him on his bike at Jingu (just like this nice photo!)  Then AG found my daughter’s “princess Yankees” cap, stopped his bike, offered her a handshake and signed on her cap.   We all loved you and we’ll miss you, AG!  

  • ImissJingu

    class guy and proof positive that if you work hard and stay the course, good things will happen

  • Kozo

    You know Garrett… If you follow our Twitter feed (link on the right) you’d have known about Aaron’s retirement before Simon’s comment.

    Glad you you made the post though. I tried, but I couldn’t summarise Guiel’s awesomeness as  succinctly as you have here.

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  • Aaron G

    Thanks everybody for the support!!! If it looked like I was having a great time, it was because I WAS having a god time. I will miss Japan ….

    • AG,
      Thanks for everything over the years. Hope you’ll be back in town every now and again.

  • ImissJingu

    We’re coming back in the spring, save us some seats