8/19/11 Yomiuri (Away)


August 19th, 2011

Yomiuri Giants 3

Tokyo Swallows 2

Streak: Lost 1  Last 5: LWDWL

(Tokyo Dome)

After playing the minor leaguers from Yokohama the last three days, Tokyo travelled about 5 km to the Tokyo Dome to play the evil empire.


 Aoki  CF
 Tanaka  2B
 Kawabata  SS
 Hatakeyama  LF
 Balentein  RF
 Miyamoto  3B
 Whitesell  1B
 Kawamoto  C
 Muranaka  P


 Sakomoto  SS
 Terauchi  2B
 Chono  CF
 Ramirez  LF
 Takahashi Y.  RF
 Ogasawara  3B
 Takahashi S.  1B
 Sanematsu  C
 Sawamura  P


Tonight was the first of three games against Gomiuri (as they are affectionately called on this site). As I have written numerous times, the Swallows seem to enjoy spotting their opponents an early lead. Tonight was no different. After Sawamura got the Birds to go 1-2-3 (with a double-play at the end), Sakamoto was up first for Gomiuri. He led things off with a walk. Terauchi bunted him over to second. Chono wasted no time at the plate. He sent the second pitch to center scoring Sakamoto from 2nd. 1 – 0 Gomiuri.

Your time is over young one.


Fortunately, the speed demon Ramirez was up next. He did a favor for his old team by hitting into an inning ending 4-6-3 double play.

Swallows again went down in order in their half of the second.

In the bottom of the second, Ogasawara hit a 1-out solo HR to right-center. 2 – 0 Gomiuri

Awwwwww shhheeeeeetttttttt!!!

After a single by Takahashi S., Muranaka struck out Sanematsu and Sawamura to end the inning.

What followed was 5 solid inning of pitching from both starters. Although the Birds were able to get a couple men on at various times, Sawamura always seemed to find away to get out of the jam. He was helped by a nice “Tokyo Dome” called strike 3 to end the 7th, though.

In the top of the eight, the Birds finally got on the board. Morioka got the inning started with an infield single. Hara had seen enough from Sawamura and replaced him with Yamaguchi. Aoki hit a double up the middle, putting runners on 2nd and third and nobody out. Tanaka then proceeds to hit a grounder to second. Morioka, thinking he can beat the throw from Terauchi, heads for home. He of course does not and is tagged out for the first out of the inning. Aoki moved to third on the play and Tanaka was safe at first. Kawabata was due up next. However, he was replaced with Kashima. Kawashima hits the ball deep in between Terauchi and Ogaswara. Terauchi is able to get to the ball and throw Kawashima out and at first. Aoki was running on the hit and easily scores to cut the lead to 1. 2 – 1 Gomiuri

Yamaguchi is then replaced by Kubo. Kubo promptly gets Hatakeyama to ground out to third to end the inning.

In the bottom of the inning, Fujimura lead off with a walk. Sanematsu then bunts him over to second. (For the record, I have the phrase “bunts him over to second” on permanent file in my database because it only happens about a 1000x a season)

Now with one out, it was time for the “Hero in a half-shell, Turtle power”, Kamei. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan (only because of his name does he enjoy this comic book series) hits a shot to right and Fujimura scores from second. 3 – 1 Gomiuri

Kamei moved to second on Balentein’s throw home. Sakamoto was up next. He grounded out to second and Kamei moved to third on the play. Terauchi then grounded out to the pitcher, Oshimoto, to end the inning.

Try this on for size.

In the top of the ninth, Kubo was still on the mound for Gomiuri. Balentein started things off in a big way by doubling to left. Miyamoto grounded out to Kubo for the first out. Whitesell went down swinging for the second out. Aikawa was up next. He hits a soft-liner to left. With two outs, Balentein was running on contact. As he reaches third, he is waved home. Tani, who replaced Ramirez in left for his defensive skills (I think), sees Balentein huffing and puffing, things he has an easy shot to get Balentein at home. As he comes up to throw, he forgot one slightly important item, the ball. Balentein scores standing up and Aikawa is safe at first. 3 -2 Gomiuri

Miyade is up next. Unfortunately for the Swallows fans, there is no joy in Mudville this evening. Miyade hit a soft-grounder to Sakamoto who carefully forced-out Fukuchi at second.

Somewhere Gomiuri fans are laughing and little Swallow fans are shouting, “Nande? Nande? Nande?”

But as this story is yet to be finished, lets hope Mighty Casey will be back tomorrow with a shout.


  • Sawamura, getting his first win since July 9th, was the player of the match
  • 42291 deposited their money in the Gomiuri troughs to watch this game
  • Birds out hit Gomiuri 11 – 4
  • The Birds team batting average is hovering around .250, while Gomiuri is at .236
  • Tomorrow starters look to be Yoshinori for the Birds and Tohno for Gomiuri


Scoring Summary

  1st  Chono singled in Sakamoto 0 1
  2nd  Ogasawara hits a solo HR 0 2
8th  Kawashima grounds out to second, scores Aoki  1 2
  8th  Kamei doubles to right, scoring Fujimura  1 3
  8th  Balentien scores from second on a single by Aikawa  2 3

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Scott is an avid fan of the underdog. He spent his childhood cheering for the Chicago White Sox and hating all teams from New York. Once he moved to Tokyo, he quickly directed this same hatred toward the tenants of the Tokyo Dome. Thus began his support of the Swallows (and anyone playing against the indoor Tokyo team).
In his mind, there is not a better place to be than at Jingu stadium watching the Swallows from the bleachers, drinking a nice cold drink, and cheering along with the extremely knowledgeable Swallows fans.