7/6/11 – Yomiuri (Home)

July 6th, 2011

Yomiuri Giants 2

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 4

Streak: Won 3 Last 5: WLWWW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

After giving me a grand birthday gift by not only beating Yomiuri, but avoiding yet another damned tie in the process, Tokyo made it sweeter by returning to Jingu and putting together enough offense to follow Tateyama to a complete-game win. For the history books, this makes the first time in fourteen years that Tokyo has beaten the Giants six straight times, which makes eight match-ups without a loss to the team everyone who loves baseball loves to hate, and we all remember what happened fourteen years ago. Tokyo last lost to Yomiuri when they dropped the season’s first two games in Ube and Kita-Kyushu back on April 12th and 13th.






He baffles Giants. . .








  1. Aoki (CF)
  2. Tanaka (2B)
  3. Whitesell (1B)
  4. Hatakeyama (LF)
  5. Balentien (RF)
  6. Miyamoto (3B)
  7. Kawabata (SS)
  8. Aikawa (C)
  9. Tateyama (P)


  1. Sakamoto (SS)
  2. Kamei (3B)
  3. Chono (CF)
  4. Ramirez (LF)
  5. Takahashi (RF)
  6. Abe (C)
  7. Ogasawara (1B)
  8. Fujimura (2B)
  9. Kaneto (P)

Tateyama gave up two hits in the first, but got out of the inning by getting Ramirez to ground into a double play with a man on third, so I’ll call it a good start.

In a good sign, the Birds struck first.  Aoki led off with a base hit, then – sit down for this, Swallows fans – Tanaka did not sacrifice bunt. Instead, he hit, which is fully capable of doing, and contributed to the momentum for our side for once. Kaneto then made things really exciting by beaning Whitesell, loading the bases with no outs as the big boys came up. In the end, Balentien drove Aoki to and Tanaka to third as Whitesell got caught at second. One’s still a start, though. 1-0 Tokyo.

. . . and whallops them.

An Abe solo HR tied things up in the second, but not for long. In the bottom half, Kawabata singled, moved to second on an Aikawa ground-out, then scored on a double to the right field fence by Shohei Tateyama. Yes, that’s right.

Kaneto then hit Aoki, after which Tanaka hit again to load the bases. Whitesell then brought Tateyama home on a sac fly. Hatake singled to the left field fence, bringing Aoki in. Former Swallow Dicky Gonzales came in to strike out Balentien and end the inning. 4-1 Tokyo.

In the third, Tateyama hit pinch-hitter Shiburaya, who made it home on hits by Sakamoto and Chono. The inning ended on a Rami-chan strike out. 4-2 Tokyo, Final.

Over the next six innings, Tateyama (7-1, 1.40) gave up four hits while striking out eight, hitting Abe once, and giving up no more runs. He took the complete game win on 109 pitches, 9 hits, no walks, 2 dead balls, and 2 runs. Kaneto took his fourth loss.

Same again tomorrow at 6:00.

  • “a double to the right field fence by Shohei Tateyama”

    Love it.  This is why I’m anti-DH.

  • Some highlights:


    • Anonymous

      Seth, loving the highlights!
      I’m heading away from Tokyo for a 5 week holiday from this weekend, so as I will not be getting my regular Jingu fix…. any Swallows highlights you can post would be much enjoyed while on my travels.

      Cheers, and come on you birds!

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff at Jingu last night.  My last one for a while as I’m away on my hols (see above).  Thanks for the match reports, I’ll (hopefully) enjoy reading them while I’m away!