6/8/11 – Orix (Away)

June 8th, 2011

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 0

Orix Buffaloes 7

Streak: L1 Last 5: LWWWL

(Kyocera Dome)

What? We lost, OK? Want to keep reading, make us feel bad?

1. Aoki (CF)
2. Tanaka (2B)
3. Whitesell (DH)
4. Hatakeyama (1B)
5. Balentien (RF)
6. Yuichi (LF)
7. Miyamoto (3B)
8. Fujimoto (SS)
9. Aikawa (C)

1. Sakaguchi (CF)
2. Taguchi (RF)
3. Goto (2B)
4. T-Okada (LF)
5. Kitagawa (DH)
6. Li Sun Yop (1B)
7. Baldiris (3B)
8. Ito (C)
9. Ohbiki (SS)

I feel like the luck of the Tsubamegun draw has me writing about Yamamoto a lot. He can throw a K, but there’s no doubt who runs the game when he’s on the mound and that’s not good for Tokyo. Tonight was not his fault. Part of the blame goes to Figaro, who was a bad house guest and was a bad host tonight. We did not enjoy ourselves at all, sir.

Yamamoto gave up only one hit in the first three innings, unfortunately it was a two-run home run to Baldiris in the 2nd, coming after his third walk of the game – Li. 2-0 Orix.

He pitched five, giving up four hits (1 HR), three walks, hitting one batter (Taguchi in the third), and striking out three. He went on to take the loss, but everyone else on the team helped make that a reality.

Matsuoka came in in the the sixth and gave up a hit to Li, who was replaced by the fleeter-footed Moriyama, who was moved over by a Baldiris sac-bunt. Matsuoka finally notched a K against the pinch-hitting Hessman (in for Ito), but then gave up his third hit – an RBI single to Ohbiki – before ending the inning on his second K. 3-0 Orix.

Hashimoto took over in the seventh and wasted no time in giving his hosts three straight hits for another run. A second run for the inning managed to sneak in just before the third out. 5-0 Orix.

Must I go on? This is not fun.

Onodera gave up two more in the eighth, making it 7-0 Orix.

Aoki, Whitesell, and Yuichi each got two hits on the night. Morioka came in for Fujimoto in the seventh and got himself a hit. The Birds’ first-ever free-agent signing was Aikawa, who was an idiot to think he might be headed for the majors, but was an improvement on Fukukawa as backstop. The Fujimoto signing, one cool argument with an ump aside, never made any sense – we had enough light-hitting so-so-fielding middle infielders competing for short that we didn’t need an overpaid one on top of it all.

The high points of the evening were that I found out the near-by Ma & Pa liquor store sells Tama-no-Megumi beer and that I had a whole mess of gyoza for dinner.

The low point was this game.

Figaro (5-2) got the win, again. Yamamoto (1-3), the loss.

Same set-up tomorrow, let’s hope for better results.