6/26/11 – Yokohama (Home)

June 26th, 2011

Yokohama BayStars 4

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 1

Streak: Lost 1 Last 5: WLWWL

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

The visiting BayStars flipped the scoreboard today, handing the Swallows a rather undramatic loss on day when, luckily the second-place Dragons also lost.

For the Home-boys:

Good WHIP today + Bad ERA today = L

1. Aoki (CF)
2. Tanaka (2B)
3. Yuichi (LF)
4. Hatakeyama (1B)
5. Balentien (RF)
6. Miyamoto (3B)
7. Kawabata (SS)
8. Aikawa (C)
9. Masubuchi (P)

For the Interlopers:
1. Ishikawa (SS)
2. Morimoto (CF)
3. Kinjoh (LF)
4. Murata (3B)
5. Harper (1B)
6. Naito (RF)
7. Watanabe (2B)
8. Takeyama (C)
9. Suda (P)

The Birds’ first turn at the plate augured good things to come, with no hits, but three walks. Alas, nothing brought in.

Masubuchi started the game by giving up a single to Ishikawa, but then settled in to notch two Ks while retiring seven straight batters, bringing us into the third inning with one out, when he got into some trouble by giving up a hit to Suda, followed by a deep double to Ishikawa, putting runners on 2nd and 3rd and bringing Morimoto up to smack a timely double, bringing in two runs. 2-0 Yokohama.

Masubuchi went on to go 1-2-3 in the next two innings, while Tokyo managed a Miyamoto single, cancelled by a Kawabata GIDP in the fourth and an Aoki BB in the fifth, but no runs.

After sitting eight straight batters down, bringing us to the sixth inning with one out, when Kinjoh singled, then Murata doubled him home. Murata was then himself brought in by Harper, who didn’t make it on. Masubuchi fanned Naito to get out of the inning, but his day was done. 4-0 Yokohama.

Hatake and the hero Miyamoto both managed base hits in the sixth, but Tokyo was unable to get a rally started.

Matsuoka, Kyuko, and Watanabe each took a perfect inning for Tokyo, but the offense was able to put only one run on the board: an Aoki triple, followed by a Tanaka sac-fly. No one else got on base.

Yokohama manged to get four runs on six hits, no walks, and no errors. Tokyo managed only one run on five hits, four walks, and no errors.

Masubuchi (3-4, 5.24) took the loss. Suda (2-5), the win; and Yamaguchi got his 15th save.

The Swallows take on the Giants in Koriyama, Fukushima on Tuesday night. Here’s hoping the Birds can entertain our friends to the North with a barrage of offense and a big win.