10/8/10 – Yomiuri (Away)

October 8th, 2010

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 7

Yomiuri Giants 4

Streak: Won 2 Last 5: WWLWW

(Tokyo Dome)

Tokyo wins!

Not that it matters at this point, but there’s still pride at stake anytime our men venture into Mordor .

From the Shire:

  1. Aoki
  2. We like the way you wear your socks, Kawamoto.
  3. Kawabata
  4. Hatakeyama
  5. D’Antona
  6. Iihara
  7. Tanaka
  8. Noguchi
  9. Kawamoto
  10. Yamagishi

The Forces of Darkness are the Forces of Darkness. Speak not their names. Besides, if you’ve been able to read this far – that’s a lot of words – you clearly hate the Giants.

Top of the first: Aoki doubled, Hatake drove him in. D’Antona singled, but was left there. 1-0 Tokyo.

Yamagishi made it through three innings with but one walk and no hits, but proved himself to be a part of our squad when he added some stress in the bottom of the fourth. Ogasawara single, Rami-chan two-run round-tripper, Abe ground out, Sakamoto ground-rule double, the ever-overrated Takahashi out, Furuki out, then fucking Utsumi doubled in two more. That’s right, Utsumi put the orange folks who see no irony in 1984 up 4-1 Not Tokyo.

Topf the sixth: Aoki singled, Kawabata grounded out, then Hatake reminded us why we like hi chubby ass. Two-run homer. And Utsumi was gone. Kubo came in in relief and walked batters like a mobility company (D’Antona and Morioka), but got as many outs and let no runs in. 4-3 Bad Guys.

Skip ahead to the top of the ninth, when Marc Kroon came in. Now the secret to Kroon is that he couldn’t throw a strike if strikes were “To Be With You” and he was Mr. Big playing a wedding in Japan and he was planning to get booed off stage. (Congratulate for the worst metaphor you’ve ever read.)

Kawamoto almost didn’t get it – he was silly enough to bring a bat into the batter’s box, but walked nonetheless. Fukuchi got out. Aoki walked. Kawabata popped out, then Hatake, fucking hero, drove Kawamoto in to tie it up. 4 All.

Top of the tenth: Iihara singled. Morioka walked on five. Takagi came in. Yuichi sac-bunted (it kind of made sense, for that once in a million shot).  Then Kawamoto again made us wonder why he was ever behind Fukukawa (sorry, unnecessary) and blasted a three-run homer for the win, even though Fukuchi also walked and the Giants got a chance to bat.  7-4 Tokyo.

Kutabare Yomiuri. May you get your asses handed to you by the Tigers. (Tiger fans, leave your sisters and the dog alone for a moment and pay attention: your team is in the playoffs. This means. . . Oh, why bother? A pox on both your houses.)

Lee put in a good 5th and 6th, Oshimoto 7th and 8th, and Matsuoka 9th and 10th for the win.

One more, Saturday night (probably tonight by the time you read this). Come out. Have fun. Meet us and our various friends and acquaintances. Buy the caps that show you to be a true insider. Shake hands. Get your special caps signed if you want. You get the idea.

We shall see you there.

  • As recent games go this one was the of the most satisfying I’ve seen, and a good example of why the playoff system adds value to the season.

    Yomiuri taking a 4-1 lead in a flurry of fist-pumping and “we’ve got this one in the bag” arrogance, and then Kroon screwing it all up as Tokyo come back to silence the orange minions. Cue lots of shots of disbelieving Giants fans and replays of the Giants bench’s reactions as Hatake/Kawamoto inflicted the game changing damage. Priceless entertainment right there.

    And boy were the Swallows fans in the inflatable stain dome loud, looked a hell of a lot of fun.

    Plus, Hatakeyama is starting to show such poise in key situations (The 2RHR, that 9th inning two-out two-strike single against Kroon to tie the game) that I think he’s likely played himself into the starting lineup of the 2011 Swallows.

  • Kozo

    Kawamoto has 2 homeruns this season, both have won the game for the Swallows.


    For some reason that puts a smile on my face.

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