9/21/10 – Hiroshima (Away)

September 21st, 2010

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2

Hiroshima Toyo Carp 5

Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: LWLWL

(Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium Hiroshima)

Ogawa, now confirmed as the manager, not just the interim chief, continued to toy with the line-up and a Matsuoka slip, not quite a meltdown, allowed the Carp to break open a tight game and snatch one away from the Birds tonight.


  1. Aoki

    Bad news on a bad night for the bullpen.

  2. Fukuchi
  3. Hatakeyama
  4. Whitesell
  5. Iihara
  6. Aikawa
  7. Kawabata
  8. Tanaka
  9. Yoshinori


  1. Soyogi
  2. Kimura
  3. Amaya
  4. Kurihara
  5. Shima
  6. Hirose
  7. Ishii
  8. Ishihara
  9. Imai

Tokyo put a pair of runs on the board early. With two outs in the first, Hatakeyama doubled and was driven in by a subsequent double by Whitesell, who was then brought home by an Iihara single. 2-0 Tokyo.

Kurihara homered in the bottom of the fourth to put a run up for the Carp. 2-1 Tokyo.

Kurihara also scored the Carp’s second run, when he was driven in from second by Ishii. 2-2.

Oshimoto took the mound for Tokyo int he 7th and gave up one hit and a sac bunt before being replaced by the badminton racquet-swinging Lee (he swing a badminton racquet in the bullpen – usually, but not always, in his pitching motion), who notched two quick outs.

In the eighth, though, Matsuoka came in and showed the wear and tear his frequent appearances must have taken. He started by giving a solo home run to, you guessed it, Kurihara. He then gave up a single to Shima, who was replaced by Akamatsu on the basepaths, who was pushed to second by a Hirose sac bunt, then brought home by an Ishii double. That spelled the end for Matsuoka.

Matsui came in. He first faced Ishihara, who reached first on an error. Maru then came up and drove Ishii in on a sac fly. Matsui left the game with assistance – a leg injury. 5-2 Hiroshima.

Ueno (1-2, 2S), who came in in the middle of the eighth, took the win. Matsuoka (2-4, 3S) took the loss, obviously.

Same again tomorrow. With better results, of course. Watch this space.