9/20/10 – Chunichi (Home)

September 20th, 2010

Chunichi Dragons 3

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 4

Streak: Won 1   Last 5: LLWLW

(Meiji Jingu)

A series win against the first-place team? We’ll take it.

This one was fairly close all the way. Not quite tit-for-tat, but close enough. Eight hits each, the scoring close together – you get the idea.


  1. Aoki

    Good game, good game.

  2. Miyamoto
  3. Hatakeyama
  4. Whitesell
  5. Iihara
  6. Aikawa
  7. Kawabata
  8. Tanaka
  9. Nakazawa


  1. Araki
  2. Oshima
  3. Morino
  4. Wada
  5. Blanco
  6. Koike
  7. Donoue
  8. Oda
  9. Nelson

In the bottom of the second, the Swallows scored first, with Nakazawa showing again that he hasn’t yet learned how to not hit and driving Iihara in from second. 1-0 Tokyo.

The Dragons didn’t let that sit long, though. In the top of the third, Nelson responded to Nakazawa by singling and was then promptly brought all the way around by an Araki home run. 2-1 Chunichi.

A Donoue homer to start the fourth made it 3-1 Chunichi.

The Birds got a bit back at the next opportunity, though. Aikawa walked, got to third on a Tanaka single, and was driven in while Tanaka was thrown out on a Yuichi single. Aoki doubled, putting two men in scoring position, but Miyamoto couldn’t come through. 3-2 Chunichi.

Masubuchi came in in relief in the top of the fifth. In the bottom of the fifth, Hatakeyama and Whitesell both walked. Aikawa then drove Hatake in. D’Antona hit, driving Aikawa to third, but not getting Whitesell home. Onizaki came in as a pinch runner for the Demon Deacon Alum. Tanaka then drove Aikawa in. 4-3 Tokyo.

Oshimoto took the mound for us in the sixth; Hirai for them. Watanabe took over for the last out of the seventh on our side; Shimizu took the inning for the visitors. Matsuoka pitched the eighth for us; Lim the ninth for the save.

The win went to Masubuchi (2-3, 2.77), the loss to Nelson (3-3, 3.24).

From tomorrow, the Swallows do a three-day sojourn at Mazda Zoom Zoom Inordinately Longly and Brazenly Named Stadium Hiroshima.

  • Not to nitpick, but Watanabe came in, only to pitch four balls to Morino, and Matsuoka had to come in early to finish Wada off in the 7th.
    It was funny at Jingu, because Oshimoto was pitching pretty well, and when Watanabe was announced to replace him the whole stadium gave up a “urghhhh” and then when he walked Morino more “urghhhh”s pursued.
    Nice win though.
    It was great that when the game ended there was a massive “Ogawa” chant. The Jamie substitution in the 5th was awesome.