8/8/10 – Yokohama (Away)

August 8th, 2010

Tokyo Swallows 11

Yokohama BayStars 4

Streak: Won 6   Last 5: WWWWW

(Yokohama Stadium)

One after another. If I say more, I fear a jinx.

For the Swallows:

  1. Aoki

    'Nuff said, really. Pound 'em out against the old club, Aikawa.

  2. Tanaka
  3. Takeuchi
  4. Whitesell
  5. Hatakeyama
  6. Aikawa
  7. Miyamoto
  8. Kawabata
  9. Barnette

For the BayStars:

  1. Uchikawa
  2. Ishikawa
  3. Harper
  4. Murata
  5. Sledge
  6. Castillo
  7. Shimozono
  8. Hashimoto
  9. Ohka

Obana is nuts. After Ohka’s dismal start against the Swallows on Friday, the BayStars’ manager decides to start the poor sod again on one day’s rest. Brilliant. Bet you can’t guess what happened next.

The scoring:

A Whitesell RBI double in the top of the first drove Tanaka in from first. 1-0 Tokyo.

Yokohama loaded the bases on a hit, a walk, and an error, but failed to bring anyone home.

The next scoring occurred in a momentous third. Tanaka led off with a walk, was driven to third on a Whitesell single, then scored on a passed ball while Hatakeyama was up. Hatake drove Whitesell to third on a single, then Aikawa brought the whole crew in with a three-run homer to left. 5-0 Tokyo.

The BayStars put a mark on the board with Ishikawa being driven home from second on a Murata double. 5-1 Tokyo.

Tanaka led off the fourth by reaching second on an error, then sat for while as Hatake walked before Aikawa, in fine form today, brought him home with an RBI single. 6-1 Tokyo.

The top of the fifth saw Ohka sitting down again (Yokohama’s decision-makers must be out to crush the poor guy’s confidence – one of many reasons they suck so very, very hard, even if they do anomalously well against us) and Ejiri in. He gave up but one hit, to Barnette of all batters. He also notched two Ks in a 1-2-3 inning in the top of the sixth.

Yokohama came back a bit in the bottom of the sixth as Shimozono doubled and was driven in by a Hashimoto double. Bases loaded with Hashimoto, PH Fujita, and Ishikawa saw Harper continue to be one of the few BayStars to earn his paycheck with a two-run single. 6-4 Tokyo.

A pair of doubles from Kawabata, then Yuichi made the score 7-4 Tokyo.

Masubuchi relieved Barnette in the seventh and gave up one hit, but no runs and notched a K.

Shinohara took the mound for Yokohama in the top of the eighth and earned his money as a sleeper agent for the Swallows. Hit Takeuchi, walk Whitesell, get pulled in favor of Hata when the hot Aikawa comes up. Hata, though, was the real sleeper agent: two high balls to Aikawa before setting the Swallows’ backstop up for his second three-run homer of the game. 10-4 Tokyo.

Matsuoka knocked the hosts down 1-2-3, bringing his teammates back to the plate. Iihara doubled, moved to third on a Tanaka fly, then scored on a Takeuchi ground out, bringing Yoshikawa in to let the BayStars load the bases before finally ending the game by striking out Fujita. 11-4 Tokyo, Final.

The result:

Barnette (4-5, 5.89) earned the W. Ohka (3-6, 4.63) got to lose again. He’ll probably get to start tomorrow. (I might not have been joking when I said, a few days ago, that the BayStars might be calling you to pitch.)

It was another heavy hitting game all around, though: 16 for us, 13 for them. The Swallows have the customary Monday off before hosting the Giants starting on Tuesday. Giving up 13 hits against them would be bloody and ugly, let’s hope the arms are ready and the bats stay hot, so the birds can extend this winning streak to make it the longest of the season.

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  • Kozo

    With last night's homeruns, Aikawa reached double-digit homeruns for the first time in his career.

    Also, any idea why Aoki was pulled early last night?

    • Kozo

      From YakyuBaka:
      Norichika Aoki fouled a ball of his right shin in the 3rd inning and was removed from the game on defense in the 4th inning. Aoki had his right leg examined at a hospital and was diagnosed with a contusion.

  • Chikkara

    when are they going to put d'antona in?

  • Chikkara

    Do you think Guiel or D'antona are going to keep being shuffeled?
    sounds like Whitesell has earned a starting position?
    Playing the guyjean against each other.

    The Japanese style of motivation?

    • Yes, Whitesell has nailed down the starter's job at first base.

      Guiel and D'Antona will continue to be shuffled back and forth between the farm and first teams unless one of the other non-Japanese on the team gets injured.

      With only four non-Japanese roster spots to go around, Lim, Barnette and Whitesell have first dibs on three of those seats on the bench. That leaves De la Cruz, Guiel and D'Antona with only one spot between the three of them.

  • nozyam

    First off, commend you guys for the great site.

    Gots to have respect for Whitesell and his swing.
    His quick bat reminds me of a younger Big Papi, make some contact and its going the full distance.
    Also have to give him props for bringing back Outfield's 'Don't wanna lose your love'.
    A classic, love his taste in 80's music.

    • SFBird

      Yeah, gotta say… I'm a huge Whitesell fan. Just read his career history on Wiki and it sounds like he is really making the best of it, despite some tough bumps along the way (including having to abandon his dreams of being a pitcher due to injury). When are they going to start making Whitesell jerseys? 🙂

      And I agree, this site is rad!