8/20/10 – Chunichi (Away)

August 20th, 2010

Chunichi Dragons 0

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 3

Streak: Won 3   Last 5: LLWWW

(Nagoya Dome)

I like this. After this game, the streak and last five look just like they did after the Swallows’ last sweep of the Dragons, at the start of the ten-game winning streak. Just saying.

Tonight was satisfying. In the words of one of the English language’s finest Swallows-focused, Net-based writers of the past few years, our own David Watkins: “Tateyama was a [expletive deleted] cyborg tonight. Pure quality.”

I couldn’t fucking agree more.

First, though, the line-ups.

For Us:

  1. Aoki
  2. Tanaka
  3. Takeuchi
  4. Whitesell
  5. Hatakeyama
  6. Aikawa
  7. Yuichi
  8. Kawabata
  9. Tateyama

For Them:

  1. Araki
  2. Oshima
  3. Wada
  4. Morino
  5. Blanco
  6. Nomoto
  7. Donoue
  8. Oda
  9. Nelson

Nelson didn’t do badly for the Dragons at first. Our boys got no hits in the first three innings, but Tanaka, Kawabata, and Aoki all drew walks while Takeuchi, Whitesell, and Aikawa got K’ed.

As for Tateyama, well, I’ll just tell you now: six Ks, no walks for W number 7 in a four-hit complete game shut-out.

(Incidentally, a Tateyama complete game shut-out was the result of Mr. Watkins’s and my trip (with Jimmy LeRoy Ridley) to Koshien last July, which was awesome except for the part where we had to wait around after the game until the cops gave us the all-clear that Hanshin fans had stopped showing their grace in losing by doing shit like throwing full pet bottles at women’s heads, tossing garbage at everyone in the minuscule and surrounded visitors’ section, and shouting for people to fight them in the aisles. But I digress, this is a Chunichi report and my trips to the Nagoya Dome have resulted in some of the best shit-talking in NPB, but no incidents of, say, flicking lit cigarettes at the closest white dude because Brazell got out easily.)

Now for the offense.

Whitesell HBP and an Aikawa single put those two on first and third with two outs and Yuichi up. The Brazilian once known as Daniel Matsumoto came through with an RBI single. Kawabata then walked to load the bases for Tateyama.

Cyborg or not, he’s a pitcher. 1-0 Tokyo.

Top of the 5th. Aoki solo home run to right on the second pitch of the inning – a really high slider right down the middle (oddly enough). I’m going to say that’s not what Nelson wanted to throw. A Takeuchi pegging and three outs followed. 2-0 Tokyo.

Top of the 6th. Hatakeyama doubled and was replaced by Noguchi on the basepaths. An Aikawa sac bunt sent Noguchi to third, then Yuichi got nailed in the leg. WTF? Three HBP in one game? Nelson needs punched at this point.

Kawabata brought Noguchi in on a sac fly, though, so all is well and Nelson’s skinny, jittery, crooked hat-wearing ass got spared the theoretical jaw realignment, uhm, Kawabata or Tateyama, was, uhm, going to theoretically deliver. OK, that doesn’t work.

3-0 Tokyo Final.

Before that, though, Kobayashi came in in relief for Chunichi and beaned Aoki. Coincidence? After Tanaka sac-bunted, Kobayashi got benched and Suzuki came in to hit Iihara, who’d come in for Takeuchi. Five HBP by three different pitchers is not, my friends, an accident.

Hirai closed for Chunichi and apparently misunderstood the rat-dick-wrinkle Ochiai’s instructions as he hit no batters.

OK, I now hate every potential A-class team in the CL, seeing as all three (other than us) are scum. And here I’d just defended Ochiai this evening to an older lady who said she was surprised at his success, given that he was so selfish. I regret that. Selfish? Maybe. Dirty scum? Yes.

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  • “……one of the English language’s finest Swallows-focused, Net-based writers of the past few years, our own David Watkins”

    It's a rather niche category to put it mildly, but hey, I'll take it.

  • Prudhoe55

    Has anyone who ever comments on here ever played baseball?

    • SFBird

      Sure, in leagues for about 10 years when I was a youngster. Nowadays, I prefer the old dude sport of slow-pitch softball (beer in hand and a mandatory keg-stop at second base).

  • Badly. Very, very badly. My athletic ability is to playing what anti-matter is to matter. I’m pretty sure my presence in a line-up negated one moderate to reasonable player on my own team.