7/31/10 – Yokohama (Home)

July 31st, 2010

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 1

Yokohama BayStars 7

Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: WWWWL


It figures, doesn’t it?

At least it was quick (2:30) and nearly unseen (10,414 in attendance). Is there any point to any recent BayStars season other than maddeningly smacking our guys around? Here it is, folks:

The starting line-ups:


Nakazawa hopes it's BP and he's only dreaming.

  1. Aoki
  2. Tanaka
  3. Iihara
  4. Whitesell
  5. Guiel
  6. Aikawa
  7. Miyamoto
  8. Kawabata
  9. Nakazawa


  1. Uchikawa
  2. Ishikawa
  3. Harper
  4. Murata
  5. Sledge
  6. Castillo
  7. Yoshimura
  8. Hashimoto
  9. Ohka

The first four innings passed scorelessly and relatively quickly. In the top of the fifth, Nakazawa tossed Yoshimura a just slightly outside fastball on a full count and had to watch it sail over the left field fence for a solo home run. 1-0 Yokohama.

The Swallows came right back, though, with Whitesell walking, then being driven in by a Miyamoto triple. 1 All.

In the top of the sixth, the BayStars started at the top of their order and quickly found themselves with two outs. Then the wheels came off. Harper doubled, Nakazawa walked Murata, and then gave up his second home run of the night to Sledge.

It wasn’t over yet, though. Castillo singled, Yoshimura singled, and Hashimoto tripled to bring them both in. After that, Ohka, the pitcher, broke his bat and drove in Hashimoto before Uchikawa, the top of Yokohama’s order came back up and Nakazawa was put out of his misery in the form of reliever De La Cruz, who got the long-awaited third out.

So that’s ten batters, seven straight batters put on base, and six straight hits in as many at-bats (the BB was in the middle), resulting in six runs and a fantastic collapse for young Masato Nakazawa. 7-1 Yokohama.

And that’s where it stayed.

De La Cruz faced seven batters for seven outs with two Ks. Takaichi also notched two Ks on three batters in the ninth. All in all, a good day on the mound for the birds, but for that one disastrous inning, in which Nakazawa apparently forgot what to do.

Ohka (3-4, 3.68) pitched a complete game two-hit win for Yokohama.

Nakazawa (6-6, 4.25) took the loss giving up nine hits and three walks on his way to handing over seven earned runs.