7/19/10 – Yomiuri (Away)

July 19th, 2010

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 8

Yomiuri Giants 14

Streak: Lost 3   Last 5: WWLLL

(Tokyo Dome)

The Swallows dropped another one, and suffered their second big inning in as many days, as cross-town rivals, Yomiuri, returned to winning ways after being beaten in dramatic fashion by Yokohama last night.

Tonight’s lineup:

1. Aoki CF
2. Tanaka 2B
3. Iihara LF
4. Whitesell 1B
5. Guiel RF
6. Aikawa C
7. Hatakeyama 3B
8. Onizaki SS
9. Barnette P

The birds were actually up 7-3 after the end of the fourth. Yomiuri struck first with a three run Chono dinger in the second–quickly casting doubt on Barnette’s clean ride through the bottom of the opening inning.

But the birds came back with one hell of a two out rally in the top of the third. Whitesell homered to right, his third of the season, to make it 3-1. Guiel and Aikawa then singled. Hatakeyama brought them both around to score with a double to left. 3-3. The go-ahead run was provided by Onizaki with a double to center. 4-3 Tokyo.

Another two out rally lit up the visitor’s section in the following inning when Guiel’s two out homer to right scored three. 7-3 Tokyo.

But the next three innings would prove to be disastrous for Tokyo. Barnette, Watanabe and Hashimoto combined to give up 11 runs (all earned), and the Swallows found themselves down 14-8 Final.

That eighth run came care of another Whitesell solo homer in the seventh. That put his season tally at four.

The start of the sixth was rough for Tokyo’s starter–he gave up three consecutive hits before being yanked in favor of Watanabe. Barnette somehow escaped the loss despite giving up seven earned runs in five and 0/3’s innings of work. He threw 86 pitches and allowed six hits while striking out five and walking one. His record now stands at 3-5 and he has a 6.44 ERA.

Watanabe, who was pretty horrid yesterday, couldn’t record an out (HBP, BB) today, and ended up with the loss. He deserved it. His ERA climbed assertively to 8.31. Yes!

Oshimoto (two earned runs; 1/3 inning pitched; 3.57 ERA) and Takaichi (three earned runs; one and 2/3’s innings; 4.66) also helped add to the visiting team’s misery during that fateful trifecta of innings.

Not that orange baseball players are slouches at the plate this season, but still.

The only guy who didn’t give up a run was Hashimoto (one inning pitched; 4.97). Like Watanabe, he had arough outing last night, but he somehow managed to get through the top third of the Yomiuri lineup on only seven pitches.

Tokyo’s offensive player of the game was Whitesell who went 2-4 (two solo homers) and added a walk.

Game two of this series is tomorrow at Tokyo Dome. First pitch is at 6PM.

Random thoughts:

After 47 at-bats, Whitesell has 10 RBIs and boasts a 1.069 OPS.

Tokyo actually outhit Yomiuri in this contest 12-11.

Tokyo walked three Yomiuri batters and beaned one. All four of those runners later scored.

Yoshinori was sent down to the farm to make way for Barnette to start today’s game. No telling what the next move will be.

Yomiuri was wearing uniforms designed by a junior high school student in this game. I think the lightning bolts intimidated Tokyo’s pitchers.

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    I was at the dome. Quite a painful game to watch. 8 Giants' baserunners reached safely in the sixth before the first out was recorded…