6/20/10 – Hiroshima (Away)

June 20th, 2010

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 4

Hiroshima Toyo Carp 2

Streak: Won 1   Last 5: WWLLW

(Mazda Stadium)

Tokyo rallied late against the Hiroshima bullpen as they came from behind to win against the Carp.

  1. Aoki (CF)
  2. Tanaka (2B)
  3. Takeuchi (RF)
  4. D’Antona (1B)
  5. Ihara (LF)
  6. Aikawa (C)
  7. Miyamoto (3B)
  8. Fujimoto (SS)
  9. Yoshinori (P)

Yoshinori was facing off against Carp starter Alvardo and both starters went 7 innings. But while Yoshinori was decent enough, giving up 2 runs (one in the 2nd and one in the 5th) off 5 hits, Alvardo was better as he shackled the Swallows bats, shutting them out off the same amount of hits as his opposite number.

It was the top of the 8th when the game swung in Tokyo’s favour. With veteran Takahashi taking the mound in relief, a Guiel walk (in for Yoshinori), an Aoki double and another walk for Tanaka loaded the bases with no outs. Takahashi then managed to strike out Takeuchi and he was then replaced by Umetsu on the mound. The change mattered little though as D’Antona was walked on four straight pitches to make it 2-1. Fukuichi (in for Ihara) then poked one through the infield to right which scored one run to tie things up at 2-2. Aikawa poked another one through the infield, this time to left, and two runs scored to make it 4-2 Tokyo. Fukuchi was tagged out trying to make it to third during that play and then a Miyamoto flyout to right ended the comeback inning.

Tokyo then turned to their bullpen, who as it turned out were far far more reliable then Hiroshima’s, with Matsuoka (1.00) and Lim (0.93) working a hitless inning each and that was the game, 4-2 Tokyo Final.

The Swallows could have won by more as they loaded the bases with two outs in the 9th, but Ueda could only strikeout.

Yoshinori took the win to move his record to 3-5/4.24 with Lim earning his 11th save of the year.

Tokyo outhit Hiroshima 10-5, with half of those hits coming in the last two innings of the game. Aoki (.315) and Tanaka (.301) both had  two hit afternoons.

The Swallows now return to Jingu for back-to-back series against Yomiuri and Hanshin, the CL’s No.1 and 2 placed teams, starting Tuesday.

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  • zunlin

    Cann anyone convince the managing team that Tanaka is more useful at bat and not “at bunt” ? Today 1st inn was another example -_-

  • I probably hate the Giants less than most of you here, but I can't stand this mofo.
    The article pretty much say, Tohno is set to mark his 9th win of the season against the Swallows, whom he “owns” on Tuesday. Fu*k him.
    Like all of the other Giant's pitcher, this dude is also a crybaby, so I am looking to see some teary eyes tomorrow.

    I also liked this article on Sponichi as well.
    It gives props to Ogawa kantoku, who sat Iihara's dumbass down, when he failed to tag-up third on Shinya-san's sac-fly. I wish Ogawa did the same to the third base coach too, who was seen chitchatting his dumbass with Iihara before the play. Freakin Shiroishi, still killing us with his incompetence.