D’Antona, Guiel, and Aoki stats through 45 games

Gen over at Yakyu Baka has put together a phenomenal, stats-laden post that compares the 2009 and 2010 production of Tokyo’s cleanup–Aoki, D’Antona, and Guiel.

The results don’t exactly jive with what the team and the media are saying about these guys. Most Japanese baseball aficionados won’t find it surprising that D’Antona and Guiel particularly have been picked on relentlessly in the press for not putting up bigger numbers at the plate. Well Gen adds some perspective to the dialogue that shouldn’t be missed!

Click here to read the post on your own.

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  • zunlin

    Very interesting stats,but want to have a look to those after the first 2 week of the season.

    IMHO Other than the pitching staff,the reason would be found also in the not brilliant season at bat of the captain and the LF (whoever has played)

    The main reason, of course, is the “one” that everybody knows.