Breaking News: Takada Resignation Rumors Abound!

Several Japanese news sources are reporting that current Swallows manager Shigeru Takada has decided to resign. It is being reported that he made his decision yesterday, and that he will be informing team management today. Takada apparently offered his resignation to management on the 20th, but it was not accepted at the time. No formal announcements have been made by any party, but that now seems like a matter of time.

The Asahi is reporting that Takada will manage the two games today and tomorrow against the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, but head coach Junji Ogawa will take over as manager after those games. No word yet on how long Ogawa will be expected to manage the team. The Yomiuri speculates that Ogawa will manage the remaining 99 games, and that pitching coach Daisuke Araki will be elevated to manager at the end of the season.

Keep checking back here for your latest news regarding the Takada resignation.

UPDATE (13:30): The Mainichi is now reporting that Takada flatly denied rumors that he was resigning today. Takada said that he was surprised to hear the rumor, and that he didn’t know where it came from. He stated that taking off the uniform is one way to take responsibility, and that continuing to wear the uniform after being asked by management was another way to take responsibility. He then pointed out that he was wearing his uniform today. Team President Tadashi Suzuki reiterated that the team’s decision to stay with Takada had not changed.

UPDATE (22:40): Takada has announced that he will be taking a leave of absence. More details in a separate post.

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