Tokyo Swallows Beer

This being the Tsubamegun, that’s a noun in the title, although it could be a verb, too.

Our own Mr. Pellegrini got this gem from a friend and reviewed it over on Japan Eats.

  • Does anyone know if this is available anywhere besides Tokyo Station?

    • Not yet, but we'll be sure to get the word out if we find it anywhere else.

    • OK~~, I'll find out it!

    • I called Kizakura Shuzo and asked them about the Swallows Beer.
      The Swallows Beer was jointly-developed by Hasegawa Saketen and Kizakura Shuzo.
      Hasegawa Saketen offered it to Kizakura, apparently Hasegawa Saketen is a big fan of Swallows.
      Anyway, therefore, you can get this beer only at Hasegawa Saketen.
      They have four stores but unfortunately they are all in Tokyo, Omote-sando Hills, Kameido, Azabu-Juban and Tokyo station Gransta, now Azabu-Juban store is under a refit though.

  • Dropped by the Omotesando Hills shop this afternoon and they appeared to be temporarily out. Hasegawa does some other interesting ones as well, though – they had a window display of their World Cup brew up.