A Thought for Kimura and the Giants

Updated April 7th, 2010

Takuya Kimura, a first year coach with the Yomiuri Giants baseball organization, passed away this morning.

Yomiuri players and coaches share a moment before their game against Hanshin this evening.

He played for Nippon Ham, Hiroshima, and Yomiuri during his 19 year career. He would have turned 38 next Thursday.

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Thankfully these events don’t come along too often, but today is one of those days when even we have to worry about someone in the Yomiuri organization.

As anyone reading this site probably knows by now, Yomiuri infield coach Takuya Kimura, approaching his 38th birthday, suffered an apparently severe stroke on the field prior to his team’s match-up with the Carp in Hiroshima. The pictures weren’t pretty, so we’re going to hold off from republishing them here, but we’re sure you all get the idea.

Coach Kimura, the Tsubamegun wishes you a speedy and full recovery.

  • Today brings the news that Kimura didn't recover and has passed away.

    Giant or no Giant, it's a very sad story indeed.

  • Is this why all of the players wore black ribbons on their uniforms yesterday? Nevertheless, always a sad thing to see.

    • It would indeed by why. A sad thing, indeed. That he was only 37 and had an apparently quite sudden, massive stroke makes it scary as well.