4/2/10 – Yokohama (Home)

April 2nd, 2010

Yokohama Baystars 0

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 1

Streak: Won 1   Last 5: WWWLW

(Meiji Jingu Stadium)

After last night’s hiccup, Tokyo wandered back into its winning ways on the arm of righty Tony Barnette. The Arizona Diamondbacks product made a very strong case for his inclusion in the starting rotation with a seven inning, 11 strikeout effort.

The birds were only able to snag four hits off of Yokohama starter, Terahara, but that would prove to be enough as Barnette allowed only three. Tokyo’s only and deciding run came in the second inning care of a one out Miyamoto double to right and a two out Aikawa RBI double to left.

And that was basically the whole game.

The only time Barnette looked to be in a bit of a pinch was in the fourth when Uchikawa and Murata came up with back to back singles with two outs. But Barnette got Sledge to strike out to end the inning, and the subsequent innings ticked by at a rapid pace.

Oshimoto (0.00 ERA) and Lim (0.00) pitched the eighth and ninth innings, respectively, and the crowd of less than 10,000 was able to go home early.

By the way, Barnette struck out two batters in four different innings. Tonight was very positive news for the stability of the rotation.

About Christopher Pellegrini

Christopher is a budding sabermetrician and long-time supporter of Tokyo's more lovable team, the Swallows. He has publicly volunteered, several times, that he plans to buy the team at some point in the future. When he finally runs the joint, it is likely that he will fine any player who swings at the first pitch or sac bunts (unless it's a pitcher, of course). Follow him on Twitter: @chrispellegrini

  • Coupled with Hanshin's loss to Chunichi at Nagoya Dome, the birds are now in sole possession of first place in the Central. Hanshin sits half a game back in second.

  • James

    There was a “bit of a pinch” in the 7th too. Due to a nasty overthrow error, they had bases loaded with only 1 out. Tense. But Barnette struck out the next 2, to leave 3 runners stranded. I was very impressed with that. And also impressed that Takada left him on to sort out the mess himself as it must have been tempting to make the pitcher change there and then.

    A good nights work from the boys.

    • Just about the only thing I can say in Takada's favor is that he'll leave pitchers, esp. young or new pitchers, on the mound early in the season to dig themselves out. That said, he does this at random late in the season, too.

    • Yes James, that was certainly impressive work in the 7th. Tony showed a lot of character and a cool head to get out of the jam unscathed.

  • Barnette looked good out there.. Many of the his K's made the batters look silly. The 4th inning pinch reminded me of Matsuzaka who seems to excel when in a pinch himself. Sure hope this solid play continues throughout the season.

  • Marc

    Is there any place online where one could watch Swallows or CL highlights?

    • Doug

      Here are the highlights: