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4/30/10 – Yokohama (Home)

April 30th, 2010 Yokohama BayStars 7 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 6 Streak: Lost 5   Last 5: LLLLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) OK. Right. That sucked. Hard. Tokyo went up five-nil in the first, but they couldn’t notch a ‘W’ today. Holy crap. The lineup: 1. Tanaka 2B 2. Miyamoto 3B 3. Aoki CF 4. Guiel RF […]

4/29/10 – Hanshin (Home)

April 29th, 2010 Hanshin Tigers 5 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 4 Streak: Lost 4   Last 5: WLLLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Tokyo took an early 3 run lead but couldn’t hold on to it as Hanshin came from behind to win at Jingu. Tonight’s loss sends the Swallows down to 5th place in the CL for […]

4/28/10 – Hanshin (Home)

April 28th, 2010 Hanshin Tigers 9 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 3 Streak: Lost 3   Last 5: LWLLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Ishikawa took the mound for the birds in an attempt to finally get a win after seeing his record wander to a dismal 0-4 mark to start the season. But he wound up having a […]

4/27/10 – Hanshin (Home) [Game Cancelled]

April 27th, 2010 Hanshin Tigers Tokyo Yakult Swallows Streak: Lost 2   Last 5: DLWLL (Meiji Jingu Stadium) This game was postponed due to rain over the Tokyo area. The game will be rearranged for after the regular season schedule has finished sometime in late September/early October.

Off-Day Dancing for April 26th

No game today, so, in the event that the Birds score some runs in the future (one can hope), here’s the odori to go with the ondo.

4/25/10 – Yokohama (Away)

April 25th, 2010 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 3 Yokohama BayStars 5 Streak: Lost 2 Last 5: DLWLL (Yokohama Stadium) Another week ends, and another two series losses are in the books as Tokyo fall in Yokohama. They have now not won a series since the opening series of April, also against the BayStars. Tanaka (2B) Morioka […]

4/24/10 – Yokohama (Away)

April 24th, 2010 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Yokohama BayStars 3 Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: LDLWL (Yokohama Stadium) Yoshinori put in a battling shift for the Swallows, but in the end Tokyo fell at the hands of the man that has grown accustomed to having his way with them in recent times, Daisuke Miura. Tanaka (2B) […]

4/23/10 – Yokohama (Away)

April 23rd, 2010 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 4 Yokohama BayStars 0 Streak: Won 1   Last 5: WLDLW (Yokohama Stadium) Rookie Masato Nakazawa pitched a complete game shutout of the BayStars in only his third pro start as Tokyo got back to winning ways in a rainy Yokohama. The 25 year old went the distance on […]

4/22/10 – Chunichi (Away)

April 22nd, 2010 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 1 Chunichi Dragons 3 Streak: Lost 1   Last 5: LWLDL (Nagoya Dome) The right ingredients were mostly there: another good start from Tony Barnette and 8 hits for the Swallows to the Dragons 6. But the one thing missing was the one thing that has plagued Tokyo for […]

4/21/10 – Chunichi (Away)

April 21st, 2010 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2 Chunichi Dragons 2 Streak: Drawn 1   Last 5: WLWLD (Nagoya Dome) After four hours and ten minutes of toil this one ended up in the Central League’s first stalemate of the new season, with Ishikawa again failing to register his first win of the 2010 campaign. Takada gave […]