Spring Training News: Ishii Out, Nakazawa Impresses

Our beloved Hirotoshi Ishii, who many hope will experience a resurgence this season, hit a major stumbling block when he cut the hell out of the big toe on his right foot while working out in the pool.

As Dave recently noted, Ishii has been out of action for several years and will hopefully be enacting a comeback in the not-too-distant future. But the four new stitches in his toe are going to put a damper on his ambitions to make the opening day roster.

But there’s a little good news as well. Masato Nakazawa, Tokyo’s first round draft pick, had a solid outing against the Hanwha Eagles (KBO) yesterday. The 25-year-old lefty gave up one run (homer) off of three hits in four innings of work.

Tempering the excitement slightly is the fact that he issued three walks, but that doesn’t sound quite so bad when you acknowledge that he also struck out six batters.

Please be better than Yoshinori. Please be better than Masubuchi. Please be better than…

Tokyo beat the Hanwha Eagles 5-3.

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