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Spring Training News: Ishii Out, Nakazawa Impresses

Our beloved Hirotoshi Ishii, who many hope will experience a resurgence this season, hit a major stumbling block when he cut the hell out of the big toe on his right foot while working out in the pool. As Dave recently noted, Ishii has been out of action for several years and will hopefully be […]

Show me the Money!! – 2010 Edition (Part 3)

After looking at  the big earners in part one, and the upwardly mobile in part two, in this final part of our annual monetary review, we’ll be looking at those whose salary will be a little more petite this coming season. The Losers Ryo Kawashima – The first of quite a number of pitchers who will see their salary fall this […]

Igarashi in the NY Press

Former Swallows reliever Ryota Igarashi is in Port St. Lucie with the Mets, where he was interviewed for a piece about him in the New York Daily News yesterday. Among the article’s gems: During his 11-year career with the Yakult Swallows, Igarashi would wear a WWE-style mask and take on the persona of “Swallows Man.” A photo […]

Show me the Money!! – 2010 Edition (Part 2)

In the second part of our annual look inside the wallets of the Tokyo players, we have a look at those who will be better off in 2010. Part 1 can be found here. Other winners Aaron Guiel – After an injury blighted sub-par 2008 season, many fans thought they’d seen the last of our blonde […]

Hideki Matsui: Japanese ambassador extraordinaire

Robert Whiting wrote about the remarkable equalizing power of athletes such as Matsui, Ichiro, and Matsuzaka in the FCCJ. A choice selection from the article: Then there was also the fact that every year during spring training, Matsui took the Yankees-beat writers out to dinner, perhaps the only Yankee in the history of the franchise […]

Show me the Money!! – 2010 Edition (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again. Spring camp has begun, and the players are all gearing up for another season of sweeping all before them (well, the Giants players are anyway.) The salary negotiations are done and our heroes in the Tokyo uniforms now know how much they will be earning to follow the instructions […]

Robert Whiting on Valentine’s Exit

The fourth and final installment in a series of articles about Bobby Valentines’s rise and fall with the Chiba Lotte Marines baseball organization. Robert Whiting, author of the irreplaceable You Gotta Have Wa, interviews players and personnel both in and outside the organization to present a rounded account of what went on behind the scenes.

Wishful Thinking (2010 Version)

It’s the first day of spring camp, and the birds have flown south to Okinawa to open a couple weeks of “no pain, no gain” training sessions. After last year’s very lucky appearance in the postseason, the first ever for the Swallows I might add, all of the usual suspects are back for another go […]