Tokyo Roster Update — 10/1/09

Outfielder Yuichi (no. 31).On the 25th of September, outfielder Yuichi (no. 31) returned to the top team. Yuichi has played first base ever since reappearing at Jingu, and he was in the starting lineup for Tokyo’s game versus the Bay Stars on the 27th.

Now wearing Manaka’s old number, Yuichi is in his 11th season of professional baseball. The lefty (both hitting and throwing) hit .254 in 80 games last season (mostly as a pinch hitter), and he’s OPSing at just .573 in his 51 plate appearances in 2009 (.216 batting average).

Infielder Ryousuke Morioka made space on the roster for Yuichi. Morioka is hitting .225 in 33 games so far this season.

Pitcher Yoshitaka Hashimoto (no. 35).On the 26th, pitcher Yoshitaka Hashimoto (no. 35) returned to ichi-gun. The 29-year-old righty from Okayama prefecture was a part of that deal that brought Oshimoto and Keizo Kawashima to the club before last season. He has had some injury issues (he stayed on the farm team all year in 2008), but he’s been throwing well so far this season. In his 15 innings of work, he has surrendered just three earned runs and struck out 12. His ERA stands at 1.80.

Making way for Hashimoto was 27-year-old righty, Satoshi Nishizaki who made just one appearance while he was on the top team (scoreless inning).

Catcher Tomohito Yoneno (no. 51).Then fourth string catcher, Tomohito Yoneno (no. 51), made his way back up to the top team just in time to see Aikawa go down with an injury on the 28th. In his 10th year with the birds, Yoneno has been a true under-achiever over the years despite all of the chances he’s had. To be fair to the guy, Yoneno has four hits in his 14 plate appearances so far this season.

Headed to the farm was goggled pitcher Masahiro Yoshikawa who has a 3.52 ERA in only eight games this season.

In response to Aikawa’s injury, on the 29th Takada called up the team’s rookie catcher, Yuuhei Catcher Yuuhei Nakamura (no. 52).Nakamura (no. 52), who was acquired through last fall’s amateur draft. The Fukui native has been doing well at the farm level this season, hitting .301 in 60 games. It would be nice to see this 19-year-old get a little bit of time working with the team’s best pitchers so that he can develop at a steady pace.

Deactivated from the roster, of course, was catcher Ryouji Aikawa. Aikawa messed up his back during the team’s win over the Tigers the night before.

Here’s a look at the 28-man roster with nine games left to play:

Pitchers: Yoshinori, Lim, Muranaka, Ishikawa, Tateyama, Yuki, Hashimoto, Matsui, Lee, Igarashi, Takagi, Oshimoto

Catchers: Kawamoto, Yoneno, Nakamura

Infielders: D’Antona, Miyamoto, Tanaka, Hatakeyama, Yoshimoto, Onizaki, Noguchi

Outfielders: Fukuchi, Guiel, Takeuchi, Iihara, Aoki, Yuichi

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