Tokyo Roster Update — 9/3/09

Pitcher Yuya Kamada (no. 20)Pitchers Yuya Kamada (no. 20) and Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi (no. 22) were called up to thePitcher Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi (no. 22) top team before yesterday’s game.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Kamada has been called up, the first time was detailed in this Roster Update. Kamada has a 4.50 in eight innings of work for the top team thus far, and he threw one scoreless inning last night.

Masubuchi is one of several young pitchers on the farm blessed with potential but battling injuries brought on by overuse (and baseballs to the face in this young man’s case). Masubuchi, a 21-year-old in his third year with the team, will hopefully begin making a contribution to the team within the next season or two.

In 10 appearances with the farm team this season, Masubuchi has a record of 3-1 and a 4.19 ERA. It could be argued that he is being elevated to the first team a bit too late in the season, but he does need top team starts, and several of them, before the end of the season.

Masubuchi had a very rough outing last night. He walked six batters, threw two wild pitches, and gave up seven earned runs in five innings. The only reason why he lasted five innings was because he was let out of a couple of jams by clutch double plays.

Headed down (again) are relief pitcher Jun Hagiwara and catcher Tomohito Yoneno.

Anyway, here’s what the top team looks like as of game-time yesterday:

Pitchers: Yoshinori, Lim, Tateyama, Ishikawa, Yuuki,  Matsui, Takagi, Lee, Yoshikawa, Oshimoto, Masubuchi, Kamada

Catchers: Aikawa, Kawamoto

Infielders: Kawashima, Miyamoto, Yoshimoto, Tanaka, Hatakeyama, Noguchi, D’Antona

Outfielders: Fukuchi, Guiel, Takeuchi, Iihara, Aoki, Yuichi

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