Tokyo Roster Update — 9/16/09

Pitcher Chang-yong Lim (no. 12).Pitcher Chang-yong Lim (no. 12) made his return to the top team after a brief rest due to fatigue/back stiffness.

He was on the first team roster yesterday, but he didn’t make an appearance in the Swallows’ most recent collapse.

Lim’s record before being deactivated from the first team earlier this month was five wins and three losses with 25 saves and an ERA of 1.62.

Opposing teams are hitting a mere .196 against him so far this season, best on the team for anyone with more than 15 innings of work (Lim has put in 50), but he’s been considerably more hittable as of late.

Hopefully the rest did him some good.

Headed down (yet again) is pitcher Masao Kida. Kida’s record is 3-4 (with seven hold points), and his 5.55 ERA indicates that he’s too good for the farm league, but not steady enough for the top team.

Opposing batters are hitting a robust .304 against him which puts him up in the territory of Hagiwara, Ichiba, and Matsunaka (all above .300). Actually, as of yesterday, Matsuoka joined that clique, too.

Pitcher Ryota Igarashi (no. 53).Also reappearing on the parent team roster was pitcher Ryota Igarashi (no. 53). He was reactivated back on September 11th, and he pitched one solid inning in yesterday’s game versus Yokohama. He had been removed from the top team on August 29th after experiencing arm pain during that day’s game versus Chunichi.

He made one appearance at the farm level and struck out all three batters he faced (Sept. 10th versus Searex).

Igarashi’s numbers so far this season (including last night’s appearance) are two wins, two losses, two saves, and a team-leading 29 hold points. His ERA is 2.77 and opposing batters are hitting .206 against him.

Dropped to the farm team to take his place was relief pitcher Yuya Kamada who appears to be another one of those in-between players like Kida.

Here’s what the top team roster looked like as of game time yesterday:

Pitchers: Ishikawa, Lim, Matsuoka, Tateyama, Okamoto, Yuki, Matsui, Lee, Igarashi, Takagi, Yoshikawa, Oshimoto

Catchers: Kinugawa, Kawamoto, Aikawa

Infielders: Kawashima, Miyamoto, D’Antona, Tanaka, Yoshimoto, Hatakeyama, Noguchi, Morioka

Outfielders: Fukuchi, Guiel, Takeuchi, Iihara, Aoki

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