Player News: Ricky Barrett Done for the Season?

Barrett has left the team to get his elbow examined in the US.

Barrett has left the team to get his elbow examined in the US.

Pitcher Ricky Barrett (no. 18), the Swallows’ first year lefty who pitched in the Minnesota Twins organization, reportedly left for the United States today.

The 28-year-old has been having trouble with his throwing-arm elbow, and he apparently has decided to get it looked at by a doctor back home.

Barrett appeared in only seven games for the top team this season, and he amassed a record of 0-1 with one hold point. In 11 1/3 innings, he gave up 16 hits (one homer), 10 walks, and beaned two batters. His five strikeouts weren’t enough to keep him on the top team very long as the management showed very little patience with him this season.

His ERA of 7.15, plus the fact that opposition hitters averaged .340 against him, were probably an indication that he wouldn’t have been granted many more chances even if he were healthy.

It appears that his season is over, as is his connection with the club. While Tsubamegun can’t confirm either way, it would be very surprising to see him in a Tokyo uniform next season.

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  • Oh, man. This summer I actually worked for a week-long English camp program with Barrett’s wife Olivia. However, we weren’t in the same group, so I didn’t want to be a pain in the butt and bother her… now I wish I had. Oops 🙂

    Of course, yeah, I totally agree, I see no way they’d bring him back.