Tokyo Roster Update – 8/16/09

Pitcher Hiromitsu Takagi (no. 58)Pitcher Hiromitsu Takagi (no.58) and infielder Ryo Yoshimoto (no. 40) have been calledInfielder Ryo Yoshimoto (no. 40) up to the first team to replace Ricky Barrett (P) and Shinya Miyamoto (IF).

Takagi is a right-handed pitcher in his fourth year with the birds, and this is his first call-up of the season.

In 17 appearances with the farm team so far in 2009, his record is 4-2, and he has a 3.23 ERA.

Yoshimoto, an off-season acquisition from SoftBank, has already seen a little time up on the first team this year. He spent all of 2008 on the SoftBank farm team, but he has made four appearances so far and had a hit in his only at-bat.

On the farm team this year he has played in 62 games and hit a less-than-flattering .228. His six home runs and 22 RBIs helped earn him the cleanup slot in the lineup.

Headed back to the farm team is Ricky Barrett who you will remember just got called up on the fourteenth. He made only one appearance, got beat up a little bit by a red-hot Chunichi offense, and was sent packing immediately.

Not sure what good that did.

Shinya Miyamoto was also removed from the first team as he’s nursing a left leg injury. Miyamoto is fourth in the Central League batting average standings.

Here’s what Tokyo’s top team roster looks like right now:

Pitchers: Yoshinori, Lim, Muranaka, Ishikawa, Matsuoka, Yuuki, Hagiwara, Matsui, Takagi, Ichiba, Lee, Igarashi, Oshimoto

Catchers: Aikawa, Yoneno, Kawamoto

Infielders: Kawashima, Kajimoto, Yoshimoto, Tanaka, Hatakeyama, Kawabata, Noguchi

Outfielders: Fukuchi, Guiel, Takeuchi, Iihara, Aoki

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