Tokyo Roster Update – 8/15/09

Pitcher Kousuke Matsui (no. 44)Pitchers Kousuke Matsui and Ricky Barrett were brought up from the farm team yesterday, Pitcher Ricky Barrett (no. 18)and both of them made appearances after our starter, Kyouhei Muranaka, threw what amounted to batting practice for the first two innings of the game.

Right-handed pitcher Kousuke Matsui (no. 44) turns 31 this month and is in his fourth year after being drafted out of JR East’s industrial league team.

He has played regularly at the farm level this season, but earned a call-up for the first time this season. He has made a few starts for the top team in the past (he pitched 64 innings in ’06), but his numbers on the farm team have been very modest so far. In his 26 appearances, he has one win, five losses, and three saves. Meanwhile, his ERA was a robust 6.63.

Matsui’s personal website can be found here.

Barrett (no. 18) had made a few first team appearances earlier in the season, but he was dropped after one too many big innings. During his most recent stay on the farm team the southpaw made 17 appearances had a very respectable 3-0 record with a 2.81 ERA.

Matsui and Barrett replace pitchers Takaichi and Kamada who were just brought up to the first team earlier this week.

Takaichi had a rather disastrous start against the Baystars on Thursday, and Kamada gave up home runs in both of the games he pitched this week.

Their brief spell on the top team was quite forgettable, but it’s a shame that they weren’t given more of a chance to work with the team’s talented pitching coach, Araki, for a little bit longer before being sent back down.

Here is a look at Tokyo’s top team roster as of August 14th, 2009:

Pitchers: Yoshinori, Lim, Muranaka, Ishikawa, Matsuoka, Yuuki, Hagiwara, Matsui, Barrett, Ichiba, Lee, Igarashi, Oshimoto

Catchers: Aikawa, Yoneno, Kawamoto

Infielders: Kawashima, Kajimoto, Miyamoto, Tanaka, Hatakeyama, Kawabata, Noguchi

Outfielders: Fukuchi, Guiel, Takeuchi, Iihara, Aoki

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