D'Antona out for at least three weeks

Tokyo first year infielder, Jamie D’Antona, was deactivated to the farm team yesterday after pulling a muscle in his left leg during the early part of Wednesday’s game.

It wasn’t clear from initial reports, but it appears that D’Antona sustained either a deep thigh strain or a pulled hamstring.

D'Antona consulting with the team trainer.

The injury occurred when D’Antona went into a split to reach a throw from third baseman, Shinya Miyamoto. He left the game immediately after that play.

Team physicians have indicated that D’Antona could be out for three weeks while rehabbing his left leg.

D’Antona expressed his disappointment at getting injured at such a key juncture in the season and is optimistic that he will be able to make a quick return and continue making a contribution to the team.

In 89 games and 315 at-bats so far this season, D’Antona has 94 hits (18 doubles; 19 HRs), 169 total bases, and 69 rbi’s. His other vital numbers were .298/.348/.537, and he led the team in several categories including total bases, rbi’s and slugging.

The Japan Times (August 14th edition) ran this article about D’Antona. They must have missed the part about him getting hurt.

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  • flick

    This is depressing. The way the Swallows are playing is depressing.
    The only good news is that besides the Giants and the Dragons, every other team in the C-league are sucking it as well, so we still have a huge chance at the climax (where we will probably be slaughtered like pigs though…).