8/22/09 — Yomiuri (Home)

August 22nd, 2009

Tokyo Yakult Swallows cap

Yomiuri Giants 7

Tokyo Yakult Swallows 3

Streak: Lost 1    Last 5: LWLWL

(Jingu Stadium)

Yoshinori pitches against the Giants a lot, and this time they got ahold of him a little bit.

It was painful for us too.

Tokyo’s starting lineup:

1. Fukuchi (LF)
2. Kawashima (SS)
3. Aoki (CF)
4. Guiel (RF)
5. Hatakeyama (3B)
6. Takeuchi (1B)
7. Tanaka (2B)
8. Aikawa (C)
9. Yoshinori (P)

There was a very big crowd at this game, and I would estimate that the stadium was operating at more than 95% capacity.

Aoki hit a solo homer in the bottom of the first to put the home team ahead. It was his 11th of the year. 1-0 Tokyo.

But Yomiuri leveled it in the third when Greisinger, of all people, lifted an inside pitch up and over third base for an rbi single.

Did anyone else notice that Hatakeyama was standing in the way when Kawashima turned around to throw home on the play?

Yomiuri added two more in the fourth when Wakiya and Tsuruoka had back-to-back rbi singles. 3-1 orange people.

The fifth was even worse. After looking silly in his previous bat against Yoshinori, Sakamoto finally got ahold of one and sent it over the outfield wall in left. 4-1 Giants.

Aoki's first four-hit game of 2009.Then Matsumoto and Ogasawara had consecutive singles before Ramirez flew out to right. Kamei’s double to right scored one, and then Abe’s sac fly to center scored another. 6-1 Yomiuri.

And that was it for Yoshinori. All six runs were earned in this game. He allowed 11 hits, struck out five, walked one, and had a wild pitch just for good measure. The loss put his record at 5-7 and his ERA at 3.54.

Recently recalled right-hander, Masao Kida, pitched the sixth and seventh. He gave up a two out single in both innings, but no runs were allowed.

With Matsui on the mound for the birds in the eighth, Yomiuri scored its last run of the night. Matsui gave up three hits and a walk during that inning but salvaged a little pride by picking a runner off at first. 7-1 rich guys.

In the eighth, Aoki grabbed his second rbi of the night, and Tokyo its third hit of the inning, but that was all that they were able to do as Guiel grounded out to third. 7-2.

And the birds were able to get a little rally going in the ninth as well, but even with the bases loaded and one out they were only able to score one run. The red-hot Yoshimoto got credit for that rbi with a one out single to right. 7-3.

But that’s how it ended. Kawashima had a rather dull day at the plate and struck out to send everyone packing. Keizo somehow hit into two double plays as well, which is weird because I thought that was Aikawa’s job.

Aoki was the story of the night on offense. He went 4-4 with a home run and two rbi’s.

Fukuchi had another three hit game, and Hatakeyama and Yoshimoto contributed two hits each.

Game three of the series is tomorrow night at 6pm.

Will the birds be able to pull of the series win?

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